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42 results for theorem | theorem
Word division: The·o·rem
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proposition; theorem [listen] Lehrsatz {m}; Satz {m}; Theorem {n} [math.] [listen]

propositions; theorems Lehrsätze {pl}; Sätze {pl}; Theoreme {pl} [listen]

Pythagorean theorem; Theorem of Pythagoras Satz des Pythagoras

Euclid's theorem Satz des Euklid

parallel axis theorem Satz von Steiner

four-square theorem; Lagrange's Bachet's conjecture Vier-Quadrate-Satz; Satz von Lagrange

a set of propositions ein System von Lehrsätzen

sampling theorem Abtasttheorem {n}

sampling theorems Abtasttheoreme {pl}

addition formula; addition theorem of probability; addition theorem Additionssatz {m}; Additionstheorem {n} der Wahrscheinlichkeiten; Additionstheorem {n} [math.]

addition theorem Additionstheorem {n}

adiabatic theorem Adiabatensatz {m}; Adiabatentheorem {n} [phys.]

similarity theorem Ähnlichkeitssatz {m} [phys.]

alternation theorem Alternantensatz {m} [math.]

initial-value theorem (Laplace transformation) Anfangswertsatz {m} (Laplace-Transformation) [math.]

Kronecker's approximation theorem; approximation theorem of Kronecker Approximationssatz {m} von Kronecker [math.]

bathtub theorem Badewannentheorem {n} [econ.]

Banach fixed-point theorem Banachscher Fixpunktsatz [math.]

binomial theorem; binominal theorem Binomialtheorem {n}; Binominaltheorem {n} [math.]

Chinese remainder theorem Chinesischer Restsatz {m} [math.]

uniqueness theorem Eindeutigkeitssatz {m} [math.]

Bayes' decision rule; Bayes' rule; Bayes formulation; Bayesian formulation; Bayes' theorem (decision theory) Entscheidungsregel {f} von Bayes; Bayes-Regel {f}; Bayes'sche Regel {f}; Bayes'sche Formel {f}; Satz {m} von Bayes; Bayes'sches Theorem {n} (Entscheidungstheorie)

fixed-point theorem Fixpunktsatz {m} [math.]

Euclid's factorization theorem for rational integers; unique factorization theorem Fundamentalsatz {m} der elementaren Zahlentheorie; Satz {m} von der Primfaktorzerlegung [math.]

law of large numbers /LLN/; Bernoulli theorem of large numbers Gesetz {n} der großen Zahlen; Bernoulli'sches Theorem {n} [statist.]

limit theorem Grenzwertsatz {m}

central limit theorem zentraler Grenzwertsatz

principal axis theorem Hauptachsentheorem {n} [math.]

fundamental theorem Hauptsatz {m} [math.]

integral theorem Integralsatz {m} [math.]

integral theorems Integralsätze {pl}

Jordan curve theorem Jordan'scher Kurvensatz {m} [math.]

linearity theorem (Laplace transformation) Linearitätssatz {m} (Laplace-Transformation) [math.]

mean-value theorem; theorem of the mean; law of the mean Mittelwertsatz {m}; Mittelwerttheorem {n} [math.]

first law of the mean; first mean-value theorem; mean-value theorem erster Mittelwertsatz {m}; einfacher Mittelwertsatz {m} (der Differentialrechnung) [math.]

extended law of the mean; extended mean-value theorem erweiterter Mittelwertsatz {m} (der Differentialrechnung) [math.]

Gaussian mean-value theorem; Gauss' mean-value theorem Gauß'scher Mittelwertsatz {m} [math.]

Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, Nyquist-Shannon theorem; Nyquist-Theorem; Shannon theorem, Shannon's theorem; sampling theorem (signal processing) Nyquist-Shannon'sche Abtastbedingung {f}; Abtastsatz {m} von Nyquist und Shannon; Abtasttheorem {n} (Signalverarbeitung) [telco.]

Nyquist stability criterion; Nyquist criterion; Nyquist stability theorem; left-hand rule (for a closed-loop) Nyquist-Stabilitätskriterium {n}; Stabilitätskriterium {n} nach Nyquist; Nyquist-Kriterium {n}; Linke-Hand-Kriterium {n} (für einen geschlossenen Regelkreis) [telco.] [techn.]

Poynting theorem Poynting'scher Satz {m} [phys.]

Weierstrass' factorization theorem Produktsatz {m} von Weierstraß [math.]

reciprocity theorem Reziprozitätsgesetz {n} [phys.]

Cavalieri's theorem; Cavalieri's principle Satz {m} von Cavalieri; Prinzip {n} von Cavalieri; Cavalieri'sches Prinzip {n} [math.]

spectral theorem Spektralsatz {m} [math.]

spectral theorems Spektralsätze {pl}

lag theorem Verschiebungssatz {m} [math.]

intermediate value theorem Zwischenwertsatz {m} [math.]

equipartition of energy; equipartition (for sth.) Gleichverteilung {f} der Energie; Äquipartition {f} (auf etw.) [chem.] [phys.]

law of equipartition; equipartition law; equipartition theorem; principle/theorem of the equipartition of energy Gleichverteilungsgesetz {n} der Energie; Gleichverteilungssatz {m}; Äquipartitionstheorem {n}

approximation [listen] Näherung {f}; Annäherung {f}; Approximation {f} [math.]

first-order approximation; first-order iteration erste Näherung

in the first approximation; in the first iteration in erster Näherung

iterative method; iteration [listen] schrittweise Näherung; Iteration {f}

Bayes' approximation Bayes-Näherung

Blum approximation Blum-Näherung

Borges' approximation Borges-Approximation

Burkholder approximation Burkholder-Näherung

Camp-Paulson approximation Camp-Paulson-Approximation

Hastings approximation Hastings-Näherung

Laplace approximation Laplace-Approximation

Merrington-Pearson approximation Merrington-Pearson-Näherung

Esseen-type approximation Näherung nach Esseen

polynomial approximation; polynomial iteration Näherung durch Polynome

Harley approximation Harley'sche Approximation

power series approximation Näherung durch Potenzreihenentwicklung

Poisson approximation Poisson-Approximation

saddle point approximation Sattelpunktnäherung

Satterthwaite's approximation; Satterthwaite's test Satterthwaite-Approximation; Satterthwaite-Test

accelerated stochastic approximation beschleunigte stochastische Approximation

Dvoretsky's stochastic approximation theorem Dvoretsky'sches Theorem über stochastische Näherung

method of calculation; calculation method; calculus [listen] Rechenmethode {f}; Berechnungsmethode {f}; Berechnungsweise {f}; Kalkül {m} [veraltend] [math.]

methods of calculation; calculation methods; calculuses Rechenmethoden {pl}; Berechnungsmethoden {pl}; Berechnungsweisen {pl}; Kalküle {pl}

differential calculus Differenzialrechnung {f}; Differentialrechnung {f}

calculus of errors Fehlerrechnung {f}

infinitesimal calculus; differential and integral calculus; the calculus Infinitesimalrechnung {f}; Differential- und Integralrechnung {f}

integral calculus Integralrechnung {f}

matrix calculus; matrix method; matrix algebra Matrizenrechnung {f}; Matrizenkalkül {n} [veraltend]

predicate calculus Prädikatrechnung {f}

calculus of observations; adjustment of observations; adjustment calculus (surveying) Regressionsrechnung {f} (Vermessungswesen)

theorem calculus Theoremrechnung {f}

variational calculus; variantions calculus; calculus of variations Variationsrechnung {f}

calculation of interest; interest calculation; calculus of interest Zinsrechnung {f}

binomial binomisch {adj} [math.]

binomial series Binomische Reihe {f}

binomial theorem Binomischer Lehrsatz {m}

extended [listen] erweitert {adj} [math.] [listen]

extended mean-value theorem erweiterter Mittelwertsatz

extended Bayes' decision rule erweiterte Bayes'sche Entscheidungsregel
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