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28 results for wrenches
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socket for spanners [Br.]; socket for wrenches [Am.] Steckschlüsseleinsatz {m}; Stecknuss {f}; Nuss {f} für Steckschlüssel [techn.]

square-drive socket spanner/wrench Steckschlüsseleinsatz mit Innenvierkant

hexagon insert socket driver Steckschlüsseleinsatz mit Innensechskant

socket shank for use with spiral ratchet screwdrivers Steckschlüsseleinsatz mit Drillschraubendreherschaft für Sechskantschrauben

cardan-type socket for machine-driven spanners/wrenches Steckschlüsseleinsatz mit Kugelgelenk für maschinell betriebene Schraubwerkzeuge

socket spanner [Br.]; socket wrench [Am.] Aufsteckschraubenschlüssel {m}; Aufsteckschlüssel {m}; Steckschlüssel {m} [techn.]

socket spanners; socket wrenches Aufsteckschraubenschlüssel {pl}; Aufsteckschlüssel {pl}; Steckschlüssel {pl}

double-ended socket spanner; double-end socket wrench Doppelsteckschlüssel {m}

triangular socket spanner; triangle socket spanner; triangular socket wrench; triangle socket wrench Dreikant-Steckschlüssel {m}

tee-handled socket spanner; tee-handled socket wrench Steckschlüssel mit Griff; Einsteckschlüssel {m}

offset hexagon box spanner; offset hexagon box wrench abgewinkelter/gekröpfter Steckschlüssel

triangular spanner/wrench with tommy bar Dreikant-Steckschlüssel mit Drehstift

tubular socket spanner; tubular socket wrench Rohrsteckschlüssel {m}

striking-face socket spanner; striking-face socket wrench Schlagsteckschlüssel {m}

stud wrench; stud remover Bolzenzieher {m} [techn.]

stud wrenches; stud removers Bolzenzieher {pl}

reversible ratchet wrench Doppelratschenschlüssel {m} [techn.]

reversible ratchet wrenches Doppelratschenschlüssel {pl}

torque wrench; torque spanner; dynamometric key Drehmomentschlüssel {m} [techn.]

torque wrenches; torque spanners; dynamometric keys Drehmomentschlüssel {pl}

ratchet socket wrench Freilaufsteckschlüssel {m} [techn.]

ratchet socket wrenches Freilaufsteckschlüssel {pl}

open-ended spanner [Br.]; open-end wrench [Am.] Gabelschlüssel {m}; Maulschlüssel {m} [techn.]

open-ended spanners; open-end wrenches Gabelschlüssel {pl}; Maulschlüssel {pl}

single open-ended spanner; single-end spanner [rare]; single open-end wrench; single-end wrench [rare] einseitiger Gabelschlüssel; Einmaulschlüssel

double open-ended spanner; double open-end wrench zweiseitiger Gabelschlüssel; Doppelgabelschlüssel; Doppelmaulschlüssel

midget double open-ended spanner [Br.]; midget double open-end wrench [Am.] (with one angled end) Elektriker-Maulschlüssel (kleiner Doppelgabelschlüssel mit ungleichen Maulstellungen)

straddle spanner; straddle wrench Gabelschlüssel für Kreuzlochmuttern/Nutmuttern

open-ended ratchet spanner; open-end ratchet wrench Ratschengabelschlüssel {m}; Ratschenmaulschlüssel {m}; Knarrengabelschlüssel {m} [Dt.]; Knarrenmaulschlüssel {m} [Dt.]

striking-face open-ended spanner; striking-face open-end wrench Schlaggabelschlüssel {m}; Schlagmaulschlüssel {m}

C-wrench; hook wrench Hakenschlüssel {m} [techn.]

C-wrenches; hook wrenches Hakenschlüssel {pl}

adjustable hook wrench verstellbarer Hakenschlüssel

Allen wrench; allen wrench; Allen key; allen key; hex key [listen] Innensechskantschlüssel {m}; Inbusschlüssel {m} ®; Sechskant-Schraubendreher {m}; Innensechskant-Schraubendreher {m}; Sechskant-Stiftschlüssel {m}; Sechskant-Winkelschraubendreher {m}; Winkelschraubendreher {m}; Sechskant-Stiftschlüssel {m} [techn.]

Allen wrenches; allen wrenches; Allen keys; allen keys; hex keys Innensechskantschlüssel {pl}; Inbusschlüssel {pl}; Sechskant-Schraubendreher {pl}; Innensechskant-Schraubendreher {pl}; Sechskant-Stiftschlüssel {pl}; Sechskant-Winkelschraubendreher {pl}; Winkelschraubendreher {pl}; Sechskant-Stiftschlüssel {pl} [techn.]

serrated wrench Kerbzahnschlüssel {m} [techn.]

serrated wrenches Kerbzahnschlüssel {pl}

pronged wrench Klauenschlüssel {m} [techn.]

pronged wrenches Klauenschlüssel {pl}

wheel lug wrench Kreuzschlüssel {m} [techn.]

wheel lug wrenches Kreuzschlüssel {pl}

spoke wrench; spoke key (bicycle) Nippelspanner {m}; Speichenschlüssel {m} (Fahrrad)

spoke wrenches; spoke keys Nippelspanner {pl}; Speichenschlüssel {pl}

nut wrench Radmutternschlüssel {m}; Radmutterschlüssel {m}; Radmutterkreuzschlüssel {m} [auto]

nut wrenches Radmutternschlüssel {pl}; Radmutterschlüssel {pl}; Radmutterkreuzschlüssel {pl}

wheel wrench Radmutternschlüssel {m} [auto]

wheel wrenches Radmutternschlüssel {pl}

wheel wrench; wheel brace Radschlüssel {m} [auto]

wheel wrenches; wheel braces Radschlüssel {pl}

ratchet tap wrench Ratschen-Gewindeschneidkluppe {f} [techn.]

ratchet tap wrenches Ratschen-Gewindeschneidkluppen {pl}

ring spanner [Br.]; box-end wrench [Am.]; box wrench [Am.] Ringschlüssel {m} [techn.]

ring spanners; box-end wrenches; box wrenches Ringschlüssel {pl}

flare nut spanner; flare spanner; flare nut wrench; flare wrench offener Ringschlüssel

cranked ring spanner; offset ring spanner; offset box wrench [Am.] abgewinkelter/gekröpfter Ringschlüssel

double-ended ring spanner; double-end box wrench Doppelringschlüssel

double-ended flare nut spanner; double-end flare nut wrench offener Doppelringschlüssel

double-ended cranked ring spanner; double-ended offset ring spanner; double offset ring spanner; double-end offset box wrench; double offset box wrench abgewinkelter/gekröpfter Doppelringschlüssel

striking-face ring spanner; striking ring spanner; striking-face box wrench; striking box wrench Schlagringschlüssel

combination ring and open-ended spanner; combination spanner; combination box-end and open-end wrench; combination wrench Gabelringschlüssel; Ringgabelschlüssel; Maulringschlüssel; Ringmaulschlüssel; Unviersalschraubenschlüssel

pipe wrench Rohrschlüssel {m} [techn.]

pipe wrenches Rohrschlüssel {pl}

adjustable spanner [Br.]; shifting spanner [Br.]; shifter [Br.]; adjustable-end wrench [Am.]; adjustable wrench [Am.] Rollgabelschlüssel {m}; verstellbarer Schraubenschlüssel/Gabelschlüssel/Maulschlüssel {m}; Universalschraubenschlüssel {m}; Universalschlüssel {m} (mit Schneckengetriebe im Schlüsselkopf) [techn.]

adjustable spanners; shifting spanners; shifters; adjustable-end wrenches; adjustable wrenches Rollgabelschlüssel {pl}; verstellbare Schraubenschlüssel/Gabelschlüssel/Maulschlüssel {pl}; Universalschraubenschlüssel {pl}; Universalschlüssel {pl}

impact wrench; impact screwdriver Schlagschrauber {m} [techn.]

impact wrenches; impact screwdrivers Schlagschrauber {pl}

spanner [Br.]; wrench [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schraubenschlüssel {m}; Mutternschlüssel {m}; Schlüssel {m} [techn.] [listen] [listen]

spanners; wrenches Schraubenschlüssel {pl}; Mutternschlüssel {pl}; Schlüssel {pl} [listen] [listen]

striking-face spanner; striking-face wrench Schlagschraubenschlüssel {m}; Schlagschlüssel {m}

offset spanner; offset wrench gekröpfter Schraubenschlüssel

male triangular spanner/wrench Dreikantschlüssel {m}

insulated spanner; insulated wrench isolierter Schraubenschlüssel

dumbbell spanner [Br.]; dogbone wrench [Am.] Knochen-Schraubenschlüssel {m}

ratchet spanner; ratchet wrench Ratschenschraubenschlüssel {m}; Ratschenschlüssel {m}; Ratsche {f}

crowfoot spanner; crow's-foot spanner; crowfoot wrench; crow's-foot wrench Schraubenschlüssel mit Hahnenfuß; Hahnenfuß-Schraubenschlüssel; Hahnenfußschlüssel {m}

flex-head spanner [Br.]; flex-head wrench [Am.] Schraubenschlüssel mit Gelenkkopf

tap wrench (tool) Windeisen {n}; Wendeeisen {n} (Werkzeug) [techn.]

tap wrenches Windeisen {pl}; Wendeeisen {pl}

pliers wrench (tool) Zangenschlüssel {m} (Werkzeug) [techn.]

pliers wrenches Zangenschlüssel {pl}

pronged tubular wrench Zapfensteckschlüssel {m} [techn.]

pronged tubular wrenches Zapfensteckschlüssel {pl}

pin-type face wrench Zweilochmutterndreher {m} [techn.]

pin-type face wrenches Zweilochmutterndreher {pl}

to wrench [listen] (heftig) reißen; ziehen; zerren {vi} [listen] [listen]

wrenching reißend; ziehend; zerrend

wrenched gerissen; gezogen; gezerrt [listen] [listen]

wrenches reißt; zieht; zerrt [listen]

wrenched riss; zog; zerrte [listen]

wheel wrench; wheel brace; (spider-type) lug wrench [Am.] Radkreuz {n}; Kreuzschlüssel {m} [auto]

wheel wrenches; wheel braces; lug wrenches Radkreuze {pl}; Kreuzschlüssel {pl}
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