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socket spanner [Br.]; socket wrench [Am.] Aufsteckschraubenschlüssel {m}; Aufsteckschlüssel {m}; Steckschlüssel {m} [techn.]

socket spanners; socket wrenches Aufsteckschraubenschlüssel {pl}; Aufsteckschlüssel {pl}; Steckschlüssel {pl}

double-ended socket spanner; double-end socket wrench Doppelsteckschlüssel {m}

triangular socket spanner; triangle socket spanner; triangular socket wrench; triangle socket wrench Dreikant-Steckschlüssel {m}

tee-handled socket spanner; tee-handled socket wrench Steckschlüssel mit Griff; Einsteckschlüssel {m}

offset hexagon box spanner; offset hexagon box wrench abgewinkelter/gekröpfter Steckschlüssel

triangular spanner/wrench with tommy bar Dreikant-Steckschlüssel mit Drehstift

tubular socket spanner; tubular socket wrench Rohrsteckschlüssel {m}

striking-face socket spanner; striking-face socket wrench Schlagsteckschlüssel {m}

open-ended spanner [Br.]; open-end wrench [Am.] Gabelschlüssel {m}; Maulschlüssel {m} [techn.]

open-ended spanners; open-end wrenches Gabelschlüssel {pl}; Maulschlüssel {pl}

single open-ended spanner; single-end spanner [rare]; single open-end wrench; single-end wrench [rare] einseitiger Gabelschlüssel; Einmaulschlüssel

double open-ended spanner; double open-end wrench zweiseitiger Gabelschlüssel; Doppelgabelschlüssel; Doppelmaulschlüssel

midget double open-ended spanner [Br.]; midget double open-end wrench [Am.] (with one angled end) Elektriker-Maulschlüssel (kleiner Doppelgabelschlüssel mit ungleichen Maulstellungen)

straddle spanner; straddle wrench Gabelschlüssel für Kreuzlochmuttern/Nutmuttern

open-ended ratchet spanner; open-end ratchet wrench Ratschengabelschlüssel {m}; Ratschenmaulschlüssel {m}; Knarrengabelschlüssel {m} [Dt.]; Knarrenmaulschlüssel {m} [Dt.]

striking-face open-ended spanner; striking-face open-end wrench Schlaggabelschlüssel {m}; Schlagmaulschlüssel {m}

ring spanner [Br.]; box-end wrench [Am.]; box wrench [Am.] Ringschlüssel {m} [techn.]

ring spanners; box-end wrenches; box wrenches Ringschlüssel {pl}

flare nut spanner; flare spanner; flare nut wrench; flare wrench offener Ringschlüssel

cranked ring spanner; offset ring spanner; offset box wrench [Am.] abgewinkelter/gekröpfter Ringschlüssel

double-ended ring spanner; double-end box wrench Doppelringschlüssel

double-ended flare nut spanner; double-end flare nut wrench offener Doppelringschlüssel

double-ended cranked ring spanner; double-ended offset ring spanner; double offset ring spanner; double-end offset box wrench; double offset box wrench abgewinkelter/gekröpfter Doppelringschlüssel

striking-face ring spanner; striking ring spanner; striking-face box wrench; striking box wrench Schlagringschlüssel

combination ring and open-ended spanner; combination spanner; combination box-end and open-end wrench; combination wrench Gabelringschlüssel; Ringgabelschlüssel; Maulringschlüssel; Ringmaulschlüssel; Unviersalschraubenschlüssel

spanner [Br.]; wrench [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schraubenschlüssel {m}; Mutternschlüssel {m}; Schlüssel {m} [techn.] [listen] [listen]

spanners; wrenches Schraubenschlüssel {pl}; Mutternschlüssel {pl}; Schlüssel {pl} [listen] [listen]

striking-face spanner; striking-face wrench Schlagschraubenschlüssel {m}; Schlagschlüssel {m}

offset spanner; offset wrench gekröpfter Schraubenschlüssel

male triangular spanner/wrench Dreikantschlüssel {m}

insulated spanner; insulated wrench isolierter Schraubenschlüssel

dumbbell spanner [Br.]; dogbone wrench [Am.] Knochen-Schraubenschlüssel {m}

ratchet spanner; ratchet wrench Ratschenschraubenschlüssel {m}; Ratschenschlüssel {m}; Ratsche {f}

crowfoot spanner; crow's-foot spanner; crowfoot wrench; crow's-foot wrench Schraubenschlüssel mit Hahnenfuß; Hahnenfuß-Schraubenschlüssel; Hahnenfußschlüssel {m}

flex-head spanner [Br.]; flex-head wrench [Am.] Schraubenschlüssel mit Gelenkkopf
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