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pasture; pasturage; grazing land; grazing ground; grazing [listen] Viehweide {f}; Weide {f} [agr.] [listen]

pastures; pasturages; grazing grounds; grazings Viehweiden {pl}; Weiden {pl}

land pasture; grazing common [Br.]; grazing commons [Am.] Allmendweide {f}; Hutweide {f}; Hutung {f}; Triftweide {f}; Trift {f}

mountain pasture; alpine pasture; alp; alpine meadow; hill farm Bergweide {f}; Hochweide {f}; Almweide {f}; Alm {f}; Alpweide {f}; Senne {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]

fertilized pasture Fettweide {f}

cow pasture Kuhweide {f}

pasture of low productivity Magerweide {f}

sheep pasture Schafweide {f}

summer pasture; summer pasturage; summer grazing ground; summer grazing Sommerweide {f}

intensively grazed pasture Standweide {f}

rotational grazing; rotation pasture [Am.] Umtriebsweide {f}; Rotationsweide {f}; Koppelweide {f}

forest pasture; wood pasture; forest grazing ground Waldweide {f}; Wytweide {f} [Schw.]

winter pasture; winter pasturage; winter grazing ground; winter grazing Winterweide {f}

pasture fence Weidezaun {m} [agr.]

pasture fences Weidezäune {pl}

electric pasture fence elektrischer Weidezaun

to pasture beweiden {vt} [agr.]

pasturing beweidend

pastured beweidet

pasture milk Heumilch {f} [agr.]

pasture day moth Tagesmotte {f} [zool.]

pasture day moths Tagesmotten {pl}

pasture day moth caterpillar Tagesmottenraupe {f} [zool.]

pasture day moth caterpillars Tagesmottenraupen {pl}

pasture ground Weideplatz {m}

pasture lands Weideplätze {pl}

pasture farming Weidewirtschaft {f} [agr.]

distant-pasture farming Fernweidewirtschaft

to graze; to browse; to pasture [listen] [listen] grasen; weiden; äsen {vi} [agr.] [zool.]

grazing; browsing; pasturing grasend; weidend; äsend

grazed; browsed; pastured gegrast; geweidet; geäst

grazes; browses; pastures grast; weidet; äst

grazed; browsed; pastured graste; weidete; äste

grazing area; pasture area Weidefläche {f} [agr.]

grazing areas; pasture areas Weideflächen {pl}

pastureland; pasture (in compounds) [listen] Weideland {n}; Weidegrund {m}; Weideplatz {m} [agr.]

permanent pasture Dauerweideland {m}

grazing rights; right of pasture Weiderecht {n}

to graze animals; to pasture animals Tiere weiden lassen {vt} [agr.]

harrow Egge {f} [agr.]

harrows Eggen {pl}

heavy harrow; general harrow Ackeregge {f}

upland harrow Bergeegge {f}

bush harrow Buschegge {f}

drag harrow Grubberegge {f}

rotary harrow Kreiselegge {f}

chisel-toothed harrow Löffelegge {f}

knife harrow; pasture harrow Messeregge {f}

bull of the harrow Mittelbalken {m} der Egge

seed harrow; medium harrow Saategge {f}

roller harrow; corrugated roller; cultipacker; soil pulverizer Sternwälzegge {f}

herdsman; herder; stockman Hirte {m}; Hirt {m} [agr.]

herdsmen; herders; stockmen Hirten {pl}

herdsman on a mountain pasture; shepherd [listen] Almhirte {m}

fallow brachliegend; Brach... {adj} [agr.]

fallow ground; fallow field Brachacker {m}; Brachfeld {n}

fallow pasture Brachwiese {f}

fallow crop Brachernte {f}

uncultivated farmland; fallow land; fallow (part of crop rotation) brachliegende Ackerfläche {f}; Brachfeld {n}; Brache {f} (Teil der Fruchtfolge) [agr.]

uncultivated farmlands; fallow lands; fallows brachliegende Ackerflächen {pl}; Brachfelder {pl}; Brachen {pl}

wildflower fallow Buntbrache {f}

green fallow Grünbrache {f}; Halbbrache {f}; Teilbrache {f}

ecological fallow; ecofallow (for maintaining soil humidity) ökologische Brache; Ökobrache {f} (zur Aufrechterhaltung der Bodenfeuchte)

shifting fallow land Wanderbrache {f}

bee pasture fallow Brachfeld als Bienenweide

abandoned area brachliegende Fläche {f}; aufgelassene Fläche {f}; Brachland {n}; Brache {f} [geogr.]

abandoned pasture; reverted pasture; abandoned grassland; fallow grassland Grünlandbrache {f}

abandoned industrial site; industrial wasteland; derelict land; disturbed industrial land; blighted industrial land [Am.] Industriebrache {f}; aufgelassene Industriefläche; industrielles Brachland

derelict land resulting from mining operation [Am.] brachliegende Bergbau-Folgelandschaft {f}

abandoned farmland; abandoned land Sozialbrache {f} [agr.]
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