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contused wound Quetschwunde {f} [med.]

contused wounds Quetschwunden {pl}

contused lacerated wound /CLW/; contused laceration Rissquetschwunde {f} [med.]

contused lacerated wounds; contused lacerations Rissquetschwunden {pl}

to contuse sth. (soft parts); to bruise sth. (muscles); to crush/squash sth. (bones) etw. quetschen {vt} [med.]

contusing; bruising; crushing; squashing quetschend

contused; bruised; crushed; squashed [listen] [listen] gequetscht

contuses; bruises; crushes; squashes [listen] quetscht

contused; bruised; crushed; squashed [listen] [listen] quetschte

I've crushed my footx . Ich habe mir den Fuß gequetscht.