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55 results for Weingeschmack
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Feuersteinnote {f}; mineralische Kieselnote {f} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] flintiness (wine taste)

moussierend {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] gassy (wine taste)

abfallend {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] having a short finish (wine taste)

abgebaut {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] overaged (wine taste)

abgerundet; rund {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] rounded; round (wine taste)

altersfirn {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] maderized; oxidized (wine taste)

arm {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] poor (wine taste) [listen]

ausgeglichen; harmonisch {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] well-balanced; harmonious (wine taste)

ausgereift {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] mellow (wine taste) [listen]

bissig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] biting; acrid (wine taste) [listen]

blumig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] flowery (wine taste)

brandig; schnapsig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] burning (wine taste) [listen]

dick {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] thick (wine taste) [listen]

durchgegoren; knochig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] bone-dry (and of rich acidity); fully fermented out (wine taste)

eckig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] rough (wine taste) [listen]

edel; vornehm {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] noble; distinguished (wine taste) [listen] [listen]

einfach {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] ordinary (wine taste) [listen]

elegant; fein {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] elegant; fine (wine taste) [listen] [listen]

extraktreich; stoffig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] rich in extract (wine taste)

fest {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] firm (wine taste) [listen]

feurig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] warming (wine taste)

flach; fad {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] flat; insipid (wine taste) [listen]

frisch; lebendig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] [listen] fresh; lively (wine taste) [listen] [listen]

fruchtig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] fruity (wine taste)

gediegen; ehrlich {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] honest (wine taste) [listen]

geschmacklich unrein; unsauber {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] off-taste (wine taste)

glatt {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] smooth (wine taste) [listen]

hart {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] hard (wine taste) [listen]

herb; gerbsäurereich (Weingeschmack) {adj} [cook.] high-acid; high-polyphenolic (wine taste)

honigartig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] honey-sweet (wine taste)

kernig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] sturdy (wine taste) [listen]

kräftig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] robust (wine taste) [listen]

leicht; artig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] light (wine taste) [listen]

markant {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] having a marked character (wine taste)

markig; mächtig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] powerful (wine taste) [listen]

matt; lahm {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] dull (wine taste) [listen]

mild {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] mild (wine taste) [listen]

müde {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] tired (wine taste) [listen]

mundig; ansprechend {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] savoury; agreeable; pleasant; pleasing (wine taste) [listen] [listen]

nervig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] vigorous (wine taste) [listen]

ölig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] fat and rich; rich and concentrated (wine taste)

pappig; gestoppt {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] oversweet; cloying (wine taste)

pikant {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] piquant (wine taste)

rassig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] racy (wine taste)

reif; ausgebaut; entwickelt {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] [listen] ripe; mature (wine taste) [listen] [listen]

saftig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] fruity with mouth-watering acidity (wine taste)

samtig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] velvety (wine taste)

schwer; wuchtig {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] [listen] heavy (wine taste) [listen]

sortentypisch {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] characteristic; having a varietal character (wine taste) [listen]

spritzig; resch [Ös.] {adj} (Weingeschmack) [cook.] crackling; crisp (wine taste) [listen]

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