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orthodontic impression tray; orthodontic tray (dentistry) Abdruckschale {f} (Zahnmedizin) [med.]

orthodontic impression trays; orthodontic trays Abdruckschalen {pl}

filing tray; tray [listen] Ablagekorb {m}; Ablagekasten {m}; Ablage {f} [listen]

filing trays; trays Ablagekörbe {pl}; Ablagekästen {pl}; Ablagen {pl}

baking sheet; baking tin; baking tray; cookie sheet [Am.] Backblech {n}

baking sheets; baking tins; baking trays; cookie sheets Backbleche {pl}

vendor's tray Bauchladen {m}

vendor's trays Bauchläden {pl}

cutlery tray Besteckeinsatz {m}

cutlery trays Besteckeinsätze {pl}

shower tray Duschtasse {f}

shower trays Duschtassen {pl}

egg tray; egg bin; egg bucket (in the fridge) Eiereinsatz {m} (im Kühlschrank)

egg trays; egg bins; egg buckets Eiereinsätze {pl}

ice cube tray; ice tray Eiswürfelbehälter {m}; Eiswürfelbereiter {m}; Eiswürfelschale {f} [cook.]

ice cube trays; ice trays Eiswürfelbehälter {pl}; Eiswürfelbereiter {pl}; Eiswürfelschalen {pl}

tray; fender [listen] [listen] Fangkorb {m}; Fangnetz {n}; Fangvorrichtung {f}

trays; fenders Fangkörbe {pl}; Fangnetze {pl}; Fangvorrichtungen {pl}

bubble-cap tray; bubble tray; bubble-cap plate; bubble plate Glockenboden {m} (Füllkörper) [chem.] [techn.]

bubble-cap trays; bubble trays; bubble-cap plates; bubble plates Glockenböden {pl}

cable tray Kabelführungsrinne {f}; Kabelrinne {f}; Kabeltrasse {f}; Kabelpritsche {f}; Kabelträger {m} [electr.] [telco.]

cable trays Kabelführungsrinnen {pl}; Kabelrinnen {pl}; Kabeltrassen {pl}; Kabelpritschen {pl}; Kabelträger {pl}

cat litter tray [Br.]; cat's litter tray [Br.]; cat tray [Br.]; cat litter box [Am.]; cat's litter box [Am.]; cat box [Am.]; cat litter pan [rare] Katzenklo {n}; Katzenkisterl {n} [Ös.]

cat litter trays; cat's litter trays; cat trays; cat litter boxes; cat's litter boxes; cat boxes; cat litter pans Katzenklos {pl}; Katzenkisterl {pl}

oilpan; oil tray Ölschale {f}

oilpans; oil trays Ölschalen {pl}

paper tray; paper feeder Papierschacht {m}

paper trays; paper feeders Papierschächte {pl}

in-tray; in-box Posteingangsfach {n}

in-trays; in-boxes Posteingangsfächer {pl}

tray (for storage, transport, packing) [listen] Schale {f}; Tasse {f} (für Aufbewahrung, Transport, Verpackung) [listen] [listen]

trays Schalen {pl}; Tassen {pl}

seed tray; plug tray Anzuchtschale {f}; Aussaatschale {f} [agr.]

shoe tray Schuhabtropfschale {f}

shoe trays Schuhabtropfschalen {pl}

tray; serving tray; serving board [listen] Serviertablett {n}; Tablett {n}; Servierbrett {n} [cook.] [listen]

trays; serving trays; serving boards Serviertabletts {pl}; Tabletts {pl}; Servierbretter {pl}

chip tray Spänewanne {f}

chip trays Spänewannen {pl}

chip collector; chip tray Spanplatte {f} [techn.]

chip collectors; chip trays Spanplatten {pl}

warming tray Warmhalteplatte (oft fälschlich: Wärmeplatte) {f} [cook.]

warming trays Warmhalteplatten {pl}

accessory tray Zubehörablage {f}

accessory trays Zubehörablagen {pl}

feeding tray; feeder [listen] Futterkasten {m} [agr.]

feeding trays; feeders Futterkästen {pl}

bird feeding tray Futterkasten für Vögel

hollow; tray; downfold; syncline; synclinal fold; low ground(s) [listen] [listen] Mulde {f} [geol.]

hollows; trays; downfolds; synclines; synclinal folds; low grounds Mulden {pl}
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