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(hail of) catcalls; barrage of catcalls; chorus of whistles Pfeifkonzert {n}

poppycock; bells and whistles Schnickschnack {m} [ugs.]

tin whistle; penny whistle Blechflöte {f} [mus.]

tin whistles; penny whistles Blechflöten {pl}

dog whistle Hundepfeife {f}

dog whistles Hundepfeifen {pl}

slide whistle; swanee whistle; piston flute Kolbenflöte {f}; Lotusflöte {f}; Stempelflöte {f} [mus.]

slide whistles; swanee whistles; piston flutes Kolbenflöten {pl}; Lotusflöten {pl}; Stempelflöten {pl}

air whistle Luftpfeife {f}

air whistles Luftpfeifen {pl}

whistle [listen] Pfeife {f}; Trillerpfeife {f} [listen]

whistles Pfeifen {pl}; Trillerpfeifen {pl}

whistle; fife; pipe [listen] [listen] Pfeife {f} [mus.] (Blasinstrument) [listen]

whistles; fifes; pipes Pfeifen {pl}

whistle [listen] Pfiff {m}

whistles Pfiffe {pl}

shunter's whistle (railway) Rangierpfeife {f}; Signalpfeife {f} (Bahn)

shunter's whistles Rangierpfeifen {pl}; Signalpfeifen {pl}

alarm whistle Signalpfeife {f}

alarm whistles Signalpfeifen {pl}

wolf-whistle anerkennender Pfiff {m}

to give sb. a wolf-whistle; to wolf-whistle sb./at sb. jdm. anerkennend zupfeifen {vi}

to get (several) wolf-whistles anerkennende Pfiffe ernten

to whistle [listen] pfeifen {vi} [listen]

whistling pfeifend

whistled gepfiffen

he/she whistles er/sie pfeift

I/he/she whistled ich/er/sie pfiff

he/she has/had whistled er/sie hat/hatte gepfiffen