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cardiology Kardiologie {f} [med.]

psychocardiology Psychokardiologie {f}

patient with a particular coronary artery system (in compounds) (cardiology) Versorgungstyp {m}; Versorgertyp {m} (in Zusammensetzungen) (Kardiologie) [med.]

patient with a balanced coronary artery system / with balanced coronary circulation / with co-dominant coronary circulation ausgeglichener Versorgungstyp; Intermediärtyp {m}

patient with a left-dominant coronary artery system / with left-dominant coronary circulation / with left coronary arterial dominance / with left coronary artery preponderance Linksversorgungstyp {m}; Linksversorgertyp {m}

patient with a right-dominant coronary artery system / with right-dominant coronary circulation / with right coronary arterial dominance / with right coronary artery preponderance Rechtsversorgungstyp {m}; Rechtsversorgertyp {m}

ambulatory; non-residential; outpatient ambulant; nichtstationär {adj} [med.]

outpatient ambulanter Patient; ambulant behandelter Patient

outpatient treatment ambulante Behandlung

ambulatory nursing care; non-residential nursing care; outpatient nursing care; community healthcare nursing; community nursing ambulante Krankenpflege; nichtstationäre Krankenpflege

ambulatory cardiology care; cardiology outpatient follow-up ambulante kardiologische Weiterbetreuung

to treat sb. as an outpatient jdn. ambulant behandeln

to get outpatient treatment ambulant behandelt werden