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Betäubung {f}; Narkose {f}; Anästhesie {f} [med.] narcosis; anaesthesia [Br.]; anesthesia [Am.]

ambulante Narkose outpatient anaesthesia

halboffene Narkose semi-open anaesthesia

Inhalationsnarkose {f} inhalation anaesthesia

Injektionsnarkose {f}; intravenöse Narkose intravenous anaesthesia; phlebanaesthesia; phlebonarcosis

intratracheale Nakose intratracheal anaesthesia; endotracheal anaesthesia

orotracheale Narkose orotracheal anaesthesia

Reithosenanästhesie {f} saddle block anaesthesia; saddle anaesthesia

rektale Narkose rectal anaesthesia

Stickstoffnarkose {f} nitrogen narcosis

Vollnarkose {f}; Allgemeinanästhesie {f} general anaesthesia

unter Vollnarkose under a general anaesthetic

eine Betäubung / eine Narkose durchführen; Anästhesie durchführen; anästhesieren to give anaesthesia / anesthesia; to administer anaesthesia / anesthesia

unter Narkose stehen to be under anaesthesia

durch die Narkose bedingt; narkosebedingt induced by anaesthesia

aus der Narkose aufwachen to recover from anaesthetic

Nachbehandlung {f} after-treatment; aftertreatment; after-care

ambulante Nachbehandlung [med.] non-hospital after-care; outpatient follow-up

ambulant; nichtstationär {adj} [med.] ambulatory; non-residential; outpatient

ambulanter Patient; ambulant behandelter Patient outpatient

ambulante Behandlung outpatient treatment

ambulante Krankenpflege; nichtstationäre Krankenpflege ambulatory nursing care; non-residential nursing care; outpatient nursing care; community healthcare nursing; community nursing

ambulante kardiologische Weiterbetreuung ambulatory cardiology care; cardiology outpatient follow-up

jdn. ambulant behandeln to treat sb. as an outpatient

ambulant behandelt werden to get outpatient treatment

Patientenversorgung {f} [med.] patient care

ambulante Patientenversorgung outpatient care