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lousy outfit; small-time outfit; rinky-dink outfit [Am.] Saftladen {m}; mieser Laden {m} [ugs.] [pej.]

awful; terrible; lousy; rotten; cruddy [Am.] [coll.] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] schrecklich; scheußlich; furchtbar, mies; miserabel; lausig {adj} [ugs.] [listen]

I feel terrible about what happened. Die Sache bedrückt mich sehr / belastet mich sehr / liegt mir schwer im Magen.

He's an awful bore. Er ist schrecklich langweilig.

to be terrible at maths mies in Mathe sein

(really) wretched; (really) awful; lousy; rotten; cruddy [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] mies; elend; hundsmiserabel; hundeelend {adj} [ugs.] [med.] [listen]

I feel lousy. Mir ist hundeelend.

to feel really lousy; to feel like nothing on earth sich hundeelend/hundsmiserabel fühlen

darned; lousy [listen] verflixt {adj}

more darned verflixter

most darned am verflixtesten

crummy; lousy [coll.] [listen] armselig; popelig; poplig [ugs.] {adj} [listen]

filthy rich; stinking rich; filthy stinking rich loaded; lousy rich; filthy with money; stinking with money [coll.] stinkreich {adj}; vor Geld stinken [ugs.]