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6 results for convulsions
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febrile seizures; febrile convulsions Fieberkrämpfe {pl} [med.]

facial spasm; mimic spasm; mimentic convulsion; convulsive (facial) tic Fazialiskrampf {m}; Fazialiszucken {n} [med.]

facial spasms; mimic spasms; mimentic convulsions; convulsive tics Fazialiskrämpfe {pl}

spasm of the face; facial spasm; mimetic spasm; facial tic; mimentic tic; mimetic convulsion; prosopospasm Gesichtskrampf {m}; Fazialiskrampf {m}; Gesichtszucken {n} [med.]

spasms of the face; facial spasms; mimetic spasms; facial tics; mimentic tics; mimetic convulsions; prosopospasms Gesichtskrämpfe {pl}; Fazialiskrämpfe {pl}

masticatory spasm of the face mastikatorischer Gesichtskrampf

sclerosis; hardening (of tissues/organs) Sklerose {f}; Verhärtung {f}; Verkalkung {f} [ugs.] (von Geweben/Organen) [med.]

arteriosclerosis; arteriosclerotic vascular disease /ASVD/; vascular sclerosis Arteriosklerose {f}; vaskuläre Sklerose {f}; Arterienverkalkung {f}; Schlagaderverkalkung {f}

aortic sclerosis Aortensklerose {f}

bulbar sclerosis Bulbärsklerose {f}

otosclerosis; otospongiosis Sklerose der Gehörknöchelchen; Verknöcherung der Gehörknöchelchen; Otosklerose

sclerosis of the skin; sclerema Sklerose der Haut; Sklerem (Sclerema)

atrophic scarring of the cerebral convulsions; sclerogyria Sklerose der Hirnwindungen; Sklerogyrie

neurosclerosis Sklerose des Nervengewebes; Nervengewebeverkalkung; Neuroklerose

inosclerosis Sklerose durch Faservermehrung; Inosklerose

pyosclerosis Sklerose mit Eiteransammlung; Pyosklerose

general sclerosis allgemeine Sklerose; generalisierte Sklerose

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis /ALS/; myotrophic lateral sclerosis; motor neurone disease /MND/; Charcot's disease; Charcot's syndrome; Lou Gehrig's disease [Am.] amyotrophische Lateralsklerose {f} /ALS/; amyotrophe Lateralsklerose {f}; myatrophe Lateralsklerose {f}; Lou-Gehrig-Syndrom {n}

familial centrolobular sclerosis; Pllizaeus-Merzbacher disease familiäre zentrolobuläre Sklerose

Baló's concentric sclerosis; Baló's disease; concentric periaxial leucoencephalitis; demyelinating encephalopathy konzentrische Sklerose; Leucoencephalitis periaxialis; Baló'sche Krankheit (Enzephalomyelitis periaxialis concentrica)

Mönckeberg's arteriosclerosis; medial ateriosclerosis Mönckeberg'sche Mediasklerose; Mönckeberg-Sklerose; Mediaverkalkung {f}

multiple sclerosis /MS/; polysclerosis; multilocular sclerosis; disseminated sclerosis; diffuse sclerosis; cerebrospinal sclerosis; insular sclerosis multiple Sklerose /MS/

tubulo-interstitial sclerosis Skerose / Verkalkung des Niereninterstitiums; tubulointerstitielle Sklerose

posterolateral sclerosis; Lichtheim's syndrome; Putnam-Dana syndrome posterolaterale Sklerose; subakute kombinierte Rückenmarkdegeneration; funikuläre Spinalerkrankung; funikuläre Myelose; Lichtheim-Syndrom; Putnam-Dana-Syndrom

progressive systemic sclerosis; Madonna finger progressive systemische Sklerose; Madonnenfinger (Sclerodermia diffusa progressiva)

systemic sclerosis systemische Sklerose

tuberous sclerosis; epiloia; Bourneville's disease tuberöse Sklerose; Bourneville'sche Krankheit; Bourneville-Syndrom

convulsive spasms; convulsion Zuckungskrampf {m}; konvulsivische Zuckungen {pl}; Zuckungen {pl}; Konvulsion {f} [geh.] [med.]

febrile convulsion; feverish convulsion Fieberkrampf {m}

nervous convulsion nervöse Zuckungen

to go into convulsions; to be seized with convulsions Krämpfe bekommen; krampfen

to double up in convulsions sich in Krämpfen winden (Epilepsie)

epileptic seizure; epileptic convulsion; epileptic fit [Br.] [coll.] epileptischer Anfall {m}; Epilepsieanfall {m}; Krampfanfall {m} [med.]

epileptic seizures; epileptic convulsions; epileptic fits epileptische Anfälle {pl}; Epilepsieanfälle {pl}; Krampfanfälle {pl}

focal seizure Fokalanfall {m}

generalized seizure großer Epilepsieanfall; Grand mal
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