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eight-storeyed [Br.]; eight-storey [Br.]; eight-storied [Am.]; eight-story [Am.] achtstöckig; achtgeschossig; achtgeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

three-storeyed [Br.]; three-storey [Br.]; three-storied [Am.]; three-story [Am.] dreistöckig; dreigeschossig; dreigeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

one-storeyed [Br.]; single-storey [Br.]; one-storied [Am.]; single-story [Am.] einstöckig; eingeschossig; eingeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

eleven-storeyed [Br.]; eleven-storey [Br.]; eleven-storied [Am.]; eleven-story [Am.] elfstöckig; elfgeschossig; elfgeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

five-storeyed [Br.]; five-storey [Br.]; five-storied [Am.]; five-story [Am.] fünfstöckig; fünfgeschossig; fünfgeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

nine-storeyed [Br.]; nine-storey [Br.]; nine-storied [Am.]; nine-story [Am.] neunstöckig; neungeschossig; neungeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

steeped in legend; ... of many legends; storied sagenumwoben {adj}

six-storeyed [Br.]; six-storey [Br.]; six-storied [Am.]; six-story [Am.] sechsstöckig; sechsgeschossig; sechsgeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

seven-storeyed [Br.]; seven-storey [Br.]; seven-storied [Am.]; seven-story [Am.] siebenstöckig; siebengeschossig; siebengeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

... storeyed [Br.]; ... storied [Am.] ...stöckig; ...geschossig; ...geschoßig [Ös.] [arch.] [constr.]

four-storeyed [Br.]; four-storey [Br.]; four-storied [Am.]; four-story [Am.] vierstöckig; viergeschossig; viergeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

four-storied vierstöckig {adj}

ten-storeyed [Br.]; ten-storey [Br.]; ten-storied [Am.]; ten-story [Am.] zehnstöckig; zehngeschossig; zehngeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

two-storeyed [Br.]; two-storey [Br.]; two-storied [Am.]; two-story [Am.] zweistöckig; zweigeschossig; zweigeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

a two-story building ein zweistöckiges Haus

twelve-storeyed [Br.]; twelve-storey [Br.]; twelve-storied [Am.]; twelve-story [Am.] zwölfstöckig; zwölfgeschossig; zwölfgeschoßig [Ös.] {adj} [arch.] [constr.]

cambium (growth tissue for thickening) Kambium {n}; Cambium {m} (Bildungsgewebe für das Dickenwachstum) [bot.]

fascicular cambium Faszikularkambium {n}

wood cambium Holzkambium {n}; Kambiumring {m}

cork cambium; bark cambium; pericambium; phellogen Korkkambium {n}; Phellogen {n}

non-storied cambium; non-stratified cambium nichtetagiertes Kambium

storied cambium; stratified cambium Stockwerkkambium {n}; etagiertes Kambium

interfascicular cambium Zwischenbündelkambium {n}
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