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official residence Amtssitz {m}

official residences Amtssitze {pl}

private home; private residence (owner-occupied single-family house) Eigenheim {n} (selbst bewohntes Einfamilienhaus)

private homes; private residences Eigenheime {pl}

student accommodation; student residence; students' hostel; university hall of residence [Br.] (on the campus) [Br.]; university dormitory [Am.] (on the campus) Studentenwohnheim {n}; Studentenheim {n} [stud.]

student accommodations; student residences; students' hostels; university halls of residence; university dormitories Studentenwohnheime {pl}; Studentenheime {pl}

dwelling place; place of residence; residence; residency; place of habitation; habitation; habitancy [rare]; domicile [Am.]; domiciliation [rare] [listen] Wohnstätte {f}; Domizil {n}; Heim {n}; Zuhause {n}; Behausung {f} [listen]

dwelling places; places of residence; residences; residencies; places of habitation; habitations; habitancies; domiciles; domiciliations Wohnstätten {pl}; Domizile {pl}; Heime {pl}; Behausungen {pl}