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idler; loafer; sluggard [formal]; layabout [Br.]; lead-swinger [Br.]; deadbeat [Am.]; bum [Am.]; slug [Am.] [coll.]; lazybones [dated]; wastrel [poet.] [listen] [listen] Faulenzer {m}; Faulpelz {m}; Faultier {m}; fauler Sack {m} [ugs.]; Nichtstuer {m}; Largierer {m} [Ös.] [veraltend]; Tagedieb {m} [altertümlich]; Pflastertreter {m} [veraltet]

idlers; loafers; sluggards; layabouts; lead-swingersa deadbeats; bums; slugs; lazyboneses; wastrels Faulenzer {pl}; Faulpelze {pl}; Faultiere {pl}; faule Säcke {pl}; Nichtstuer {pl}; Largierer {pl}; Tagediebe {pl}; Pflastertreter {pl}

vagrant; tramp; down-and-out; king of the road [coll.]; knight of the road [coll.]; dosser [Br.] [coll.]; hobo [Am.]; bum [Am.]; bagman [Austr.] [NZ]; sundowner [Austr.] [NZ]; swagman [Austr.] [NZ]; derro [Austr.] [NZ] [coll.]; derelict [formal]; vagabond [dated] [listen] [listen] [listen] Herumtreiber {m}; Landstreicher {m}; Stadtstreicher {m}; Tramp {m}; Tippelbruder {m} [Dt.] [ugs.]; Stromer {m}; Streuner {m}; Heckenpenner {m}; Vagabund {m} [veraltend] [pej.]

vagrants; tramps; down-and-outs; kings of the road; knights of the road; dossers; hobos; bums; bagmen; sundowners; swagmen; derros; derelicts; vagabonds Herumtreiber {pl}; Landstreicher {pl}; Stadtstreicher {pl}; Tramps {pl}; Tippelbrüder {pl}; Stromer {pl}; Streuner {pl}; Heckenpenner {pl}; Vagabunde {pl}

young vagrant; teenage vagrant jugendlicher Herumtreiber; ausgerissener Jugendlicher; Trebegänger [Dt.]; Treber [Dt.]

down-and-out; dosser [Br.]; bummer [Am.]; bum [Am.]; derro [Austr.] [NZ] [coll.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Penner {m}; Berber {m}; Tippelbruder {m}; Stadtstreicher {m}; Sandler {m} [Ös.] [Süddt.]; Clochard {m} [Schw.] [listen]

down-and-outs; dossers; bummers; bums; derros Penner {pl}; Berber {pl}; Tippelbrüder {pl}; Stadtstreicher {pl}; Sandler {pl}; Clochards {pl} [listen]

to live as a down-and-out on the streets als Obdachloser leben; sandeln [Ös.] [Süddt.]

welfare bum; benefit cheat [Br.]; welfare parasite Sozialschmarotzer {m}; Sozialparasit {m} [pej.] [pol.] [fin.]

welfare bums; benefit cheats; welfare parasites Sozialschmarotzer {pl}; Sozialparasiten {pl}

to bum; to bum around [slang] gammeln; rumgammeln; herumlungern; knotzen [Ös.]; sandeln [Ös.] {vi} [ugs.]

bumming; bumming around gammelnd; rumgammelnd; herumlungernd; knotzend; sandelnd

bummed; bummed around gegammelt; rumgegammelt; herumgelungert; geknotzt; gesandelt

bums gammelt; gammelt rum; lungert herum; knotzt; sandelt

bummed gammelte; gammelte rum; lungerte herum; knotzte; sandelte
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