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honeycomb tripe; kings-hood; bonnet; reticulum (in ruminants) [listen] Netzmagen {m}; Haube {f} (Reticulum) (bei Wiederkäuern) [anat.] [zool.] [listen]

throne speech; speech from the throne; Kings's/Queen's speech [Br.] [listen] Thronrede {f} [pol.]

throne speeches; speeches from the throne; Kings's/Queen's speeches Thronreden {pl}

the three Wise Men from the East; the three Kings; the Magi die drei Weisen aus dem Morgenland; die heiligen drei Könige [relig.]

Artaxerxes I (Persian king of kings) Artaxerxes I. (persischer Großkönig) [hist.]

vagrant; tramp; down-and-out; king of the road [coll.]; knight of the road [coll.]; dosser [Br.] [coll.]; hobo [Am.]; bum [Am.]; bagman [Austr.] [NZ]; sundowner [Austr.] [NZ]; swagman [Austr.] [NZ]; derro [Austr.] [NZ] [coll.]; derelict [formal]; vagabond [dated] [listen] [listen] [listen] Herumtreiber {m}; Landstreicher {m}; Stadtstreicher {m}; Tramp {m}; Tippelbruder {m} [Dt.] [ugs.]; Stromer {m}; Streuner {m}; Heckenpenner {m}; Vagabund {m} [veraltend] [pej.]

vagrants; tramps; down-and-outs; kings of the road; knights of the road; dossers; hobos; bums; bagmen; sundowners; swagmen; derros; derelicts; vagabonds Herumtreiber {pl}; Landstreicher {pl}; Stadtstreicher {pl}; Tramps {pl}; Tippelbrüder {pl}; Stromer {pl}; Streuner {pl}; Heckenpenner {pl}; Vagabunde {pl}

young vagrant; teenage vagrant jugendlicher Herumtreiber; ausgerissener Jugendlicher; Trebegänger [Dt.]; Treber [Dt.]

property king Immobilienkönig {m} [ugs.]

property kings Immobilienkönige {pl}

king [listen] König {m} [listen]

kings Könige {pl}

king (chessman) [listen] König {m} (Schachfigur) [listen]

kings Könige {pl}

ratings king; ratings queen (media industry) Quotenkönig {m}; Quotenkönigin {f} (Medienbranche)

ratings kings; ratings queens Quotenkönige {pl}; Quotenköniginnen {pl}

the Old Testament Books die Bücher des Alten Testaments [relig.]

the Book of Genesis das 1. Buch Mose (Genesis)

the Book of Exodus das 2. Buch Mose (Exodus)

the Book of Leviticus das 3. Buch Mose (Levitikus)

the Book of Numbers das 4. Buch Mose (Numeri)

the Book of Deuteronomy das 5. Buch Mose (Deuteronomium)

the Book of Joshua das Buch Josua; Buch Joschua

the Book of Judges das Buch der Richter

the Book of Ruth das Buch Ruth

the 1st Book of Samuel das 1. Buch Samuel

the 2nd Book of Samuel das 2. Buch Samuel

the 1st Book of Kings das 1. Buch der Könige

the 2nd Book of Kings das 2. Buch der Könige

the 1st Book of Chronicles das 1. Buch der Chronik

the 2nd Book of Chronicles das 2. Buch der Chronik

the Book of Ezra das Buch Esra

fairytale king Märchenkönig {m}

fairytale kings Märchenkönige {pl}
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