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Knights of St. John of Jerusalem Johanniter {pl} [relig.]

Order of the Knights of Saint John; Order of Hospitallers; Knights Hospitaller; Hospitallers Malteser Ritter- und Hospitalorden vom heiligen Johannes {m}; Malteser Ritterorden {m}; Malteserorden {m}; Johanniterorden {m}; Malteser {pl}; Johanniter {pl} [relig.]

Poor Knights lily Poor Knights-Lilie {f} (Xeronema callistemon) [bot.]

free imperial knights Reichsritterschaft {f} [hist.]

Order of the Knights Templar; Order of the Templar(s) Tempelorden {m} [hist.]

Teutonic Order Deutscher Orden {m}; Deutschritterorden {m} [hist.]

Teutonic Knights Deutschritter {m} [hist.]

travelling [Br.]/traveling [Am.] sales representative; travelling/traveling salesman; travelling/traveling agent; knight of the road [coll.]; commercial traveller [Br.] [dated] [listen] [listen] [listen] Handelsreisender {m}; Handlungsreisender {m} [econ.]

travelling/traveling sales representatives; travelling/traveling salesmen; travelling/traveling agents; knights of the road; commercial travellers [listen] Handelsreisende {pl}; Handlungsreisende {pl}

host [listen] Heer {n} [mil.] [hist.] [listen]

hosts Heere {pl}

host of horsemen Reiterheer {n}

host of knights on horseback Ritterheer {n}

vagrant; tramp; down-and-out; king of the road [coll.]; knight of the road [coll.]; dosser [Br.] [coll.]; hobo [Am.]; bum [Am.]; bagman [Austr.] [NZ]; sundowner [Austr.] [NZ]; swagman [Austr.] [NZ]; derro [Austr.] [NZ] [coll.]; derelict [formal]; vagabond [dated] [listen] [listen] [listen] Herumtreiber {m}; Landstreicher {m}; Stadtstreicher {m}; Tramp {m}; Tippelbruder {m} [Dt.] [ugs.]; Stromer {m}; Streuner {m}; Heckenpenner {m}; Vagabund {m} [veraltend] [pej.]

vagrants; tramps; down-and-outs; kings of the road; knights of the road; dossers; hobos; bums; bagmen; sundowners; swagmen; derros; derelicts; vagabonds Herumtreiber {pl}; Landstreicher {pl}; Stadtstreicher {pl}; Tramps {pl}; Tippelbrüder {pl}; Stromer {pl}; Streuner {pl}; Heckenpenner {pl}; Vagabunde {pl}

young vagrant; teenage vagrant jugendlicher Herumtreiber; ausgerissener Jugendlicher; Trebegänger [Dt.]; Treber [Dt.]

knight (chessman) [listen] Pferd {n}; Springer {m} (Schachfigur) [listen] [listen]

knights Pferde {pl}; Springer {pl} [listen]

knight [listen] Ritter {m} [hist.] [listen]

knights Ritter {pl} [listen]

knight-errant fahrender Ritter

imperial knight Reichsritter {m}

companion of the order of knighthood Ritter {m}; Angehöriger des Ritterordens [hist.] [listen]
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