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Widerstand {m} (elektronisches Bauelement) [electr.] resistor

Widerstände {pl} resistors

bedrahteter Widerstand leaded resistor

regelbarer Widerstand {m}; Regelwiderstand {m}; Stellwiderstand {m}; Rheostat {m} (Bauteil) [electr.] variable resistor; rheostat

Chaperon-Widerstand {m} (frei von Blindwiderstand) chaperon resistor

Chip-Widerstand {m} chip resistor

Vorschlagwiderstand {m}; Vorwiderstand {m} dropping resistor; drop resistor; dropper

Belastbarkeit eines Widerstands rating of a resistor

Kaltleiter {m} [electr.] resistor

Widerstandskette {f} [electr.] resistor chain

Widerstandsketten {pl} resistor chains

Widerstandspaste {f} resistor paste

regelbarer Widerstand {m}; Regelwiderstand {m}; Stellwiderstand {m}; Rheostat {m} [electr.] variable resistor; rheostat

Drehwiderstand {m} turnable variable resistor

Schiebewiderstand {m} slide variable resistor

Wasserwiderstand {m} water resistor; water rheostat

Ableitwiderstand {m}; Ableitungswiderstand {m} [electr.] bleeder resistor; bleeder

Ableitwiderstände {pl}; Ableitungswiderstände {pl} bleeder resistors; bleeders

hochohmiger Ableitwiderstand bleeder resistor of high ohmic value

Abgleichwiderstand {m} [electr.] balancing resistor; adjustable resistor; trimming resistor

Abgleichwiderstände {pl} balancing resistors; adjustable resistors; trimming resistors

Dickschichtwiderstand {m} [electr.] thick-film resistor

Dickschichtwiderstände {pl} thick-film resistors

Entladungswiderstand {m} [electr.] discharge resistor

Entladungswiderstände {pl} discharge resistors

Parallelwiderstand {m}; Nebenwiderstand {m}; Nebenschlusswiderstand {m} [electr.] shunt resistor; shunt [listen]

Parallelwiderstände {pl}; Nebenwiderstände {pl}; Nebenschlusswiderstände {pl} shunt resistors; shunts

PTC-Widerstand {m}; Kaltleiter {m} [electr.] PTC resistor; barretter [Am.]

PTC-Widerstände {pl}; Kaltleiter {pl} PTC resistors; barretters

Silitwiderstand {m} [electr.] silit resistor

Silitwiderstände {pl} silit resistors

Anschlusswiderstand {m} [electr.] ferrule resistor

Belastungswiderstand {m}; Ballastwiderstand {m} [electr.] load resistance; load resistor; loading resistor; ballast resistor; fixed resistor

Feldplatte {f} [electr.] magneto-resistor

Glühkerzenwiderstand {m} [electr.] heat plug resistor

Heißleiter {m}; NTC-Widerstand {m} [electr.] NTC resistor; thermistor (thermally sensitive resistor) /TSR/

Linearisierungswiderstand {m} (TV) peaking resistor; peak resistor (TV)

Schichtwiderstand {m} film resistor

Ersatzwiderstand {m} (Bauteil) [electr.] spare resistor

Vorwiderstand {m} [electr.] series resistor

Last {f}; Ladung {f} [electr.] [listen] [listen] load [listen]

induktive Last; induktive Belastung lagging load

Lastwiderstand {m} load resistance; load resistor

Vergleichs... comparing; comparator; comparison [listen]

Vergleichspräparat {n} [pharm.] comparator drug; comparison drug

Vergleichsschaltung {f} [electr.] comparing/comparator/comparison circuit [listen]

Vergleichswiderstand {m} [electr.] comparator resistor; comparison resistor

magnetoresistiv {adj} (Messtechnik) magneto-resistive (metrology)

magnetoresistiver NiFe-Dünnschichtsensor magneto-resistive NiFe thin-film resistor

ohmisch; ohmsch {adj}; Widerstands... [electr.] ohmic

Ohmscher Widerstand ohmic resistor
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