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sich in jdn. verknallen; vergucken [Dt.]; verschauen [Ís.] {vt} [ugs.] [soc.] to fall for sb. [coll.]; to become infatuated with sb.; to become enamoured [Br.]/enamored [Am.] of sb.

sich verknallend; verguckend; verschauend falling for; becoming infatuated with; becoming enamoured/enamored of

sich verknallt; verguckt; verschaut falled for; become infatuated with; become enamoured/enamored of

sich in jdn. verknallt haben to have a crush on sb.; to have fallen for sb.

Sie ist in einen Flugbegleiter verknallt. She is infatuated with a flight attendant.

Oh Mann, den hat es aber voll erwischt! Oh boy, he has fallen quite hard!