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Strahlrohr {n} [mach.] nozzle pipe of a hose; jet [listen]

Strahlrohre {pl} nozzle pipes of a hose; jets

Strahlrohr {n} [aviat.] jet tube; jet pipe

Strahlrohre {pl} jet tubes; jet pipes

Strahlrohr {n} (Feuerwehr) spout; jet pipe; fire nozzle (fire brigade) [listen]

Strahlrohre {pl} spouts; jet pipes; fire nozzles

Neutronenkanal {m}; Strahlkanal {m}; Strahlrohr {n} (Kerntechnik) [techn.] beam hole (nuclear engineering)

Neutronenkanšle {pl}; Strahlkanšle {pl}; Strahlrohre {pl} beam holes