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Differentialgleichung {f} [math.] differential equation

Differentialgleichungen {pl} differential equations

Airy'sche Differentialgleichung Airy's differential equation

Bessel'sche Differenzialgleichung Bessel's differential equation; Bessel equation

biharmonische Differentialgleichung biharmonic equation; bipotential equation

Cauchy-Riemann'sche Differentialgleichungen Cauchy-Riemann differential equations; Cauchy-Riemann equations

Clairaut'sche Differentialgleichung Clairaut's differential equation

elliptischer Typus der partiellen Differentialgleichung; elliptische Differentialgleichung elliptic partial differential equation; elliptic differential equation

Hamilton'sche partielle Differentialgleichung; Hamilton-Jacobi'sche Differentialgleichung Hamilton's partial differential equation; Hamilton-Jacobi equation

hypergeometrische Differentialgleichung; Gauß'sche Differentialgleichung hypergeometric differential equation; hypergeometric equation; Gauss' differential equation; Gaussian differential equation

hyperbolischer Typus der partiellen Differentialgleichung; hyperbolische Differentialgleichung hyperbolic partial differential equation; hyperbolic differential equation

lineare Differentialgleichung mit konstanten Koeffizienten linear differential equation with constant coefficients

nichtlineare Differentialgleichung erster Ordnung; Bernoulli'sche Differentialgleichung; Bernoulli'sche Gleichung Bernoulli's differential equation; Bernoulli differential equation; Bernoulli's equation

partielle Differentialgleichung zweiter Ordnung; Laplace'sche Differentialgleichung; Laplace-Gleichung; Potentialgleichung Laplace's differential equation; Laplace linear equation; Laplace's equation; potential equation

stochastische Differentialgleichung stochastic differential equation /SDE/

Filmschnitt {m}; Schnitt {m}; Schneiden {n}; Filmmontage {f}; Montage {f}; Cutten {n} [ugs.] (Produktionsschritt) [listen] [listen] film editing; editing; film montage; montage (production step) [listen]

alternierende Montage; Parallelmontage parallel editing

elliptische Montage elliptical editing; elliptical montage

diskontinuierliche Montage discontinuity editing

überlappende Montage overlapping editing; overlapping montage

Kontinuitätsmontage {f} continuity editing

Sternensystem {n}; Galaxie {f}; Galaxis {f} [selten] [astron.] stellar system; galaxy

Sternensysteme {pl}; Galaxien {pl} stellar systems; galaxies

aktive Galaxie active galaxy

Antennengalaxien {pl} antennae galaxies

Balkenspiralgalaxien {pl} barred spiral galaxies

elliptische Galaxie elliptical galaxy; E galaxy; spheroidal galaxy

Infrarotgalaxien {pl} infrared galaxies

linsenförmige Galaxien; lentikuläre Galaxien lenticular galaxies; armless spiral galaxies

Mäusegalaxien {pl} mice galaxies

pekuliare Galaxie peculiar galaxy

Polarring-Galaxie polar-ring galaxy

Protogalaxie {f} protogalaxy

Ringgalaxien {pl} ring galaxies

Seyfert-Galaxien {pl} Seyfert galaxies

Spiralgalaxien {pl} spiral galaxies

Starburst-Galaxien {pl} starburst galaxies

Whirlpool-Galaxien {pl} whirlpool galaxies

unregelmäßige Galaxien irregular galaxies

wechselwirkende Galaxien interacting galaxies

Galaxienzusammenstoß {m}; Galaxienkollision {f} crash of galaxies

Spiralarm einer Galaxie spiral arm of a galaxy

lokale Galaxiengruppe local galaxy group
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