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breadcrumb [fig.] (piece of evidence/information) Spur {f}; Anhaltspunkt {m} [listen]

breadcrumbs Spuren {pl}; Anhaltspunkte {pl}

to offer breadcrumbs as to how ... Anhaltspunkte liefern, wie ...

to leave behind digital breadcrumbs digitale Spuren hinterlassen

to create a breadcrumb trail of clues; to lay a trail of clues Spuren legen; Spuren auslegen (selten)

breadcrumb; crumb Brotkrume {f}; Krume {f}; Brotkrümel {n}

breadcrumbs; crumbs Brotkrumen {pl}; Krumen {pl}; Brotkrümel {pl}

breadcrumb navigation; breadcrumb trail Brotkrümelnavigation {f}; Brotkrumennavigation {f}; Ariadnepfad {m} [comp.]

breadcrumb coating Panade {f} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Panat {n} [Bayr.]; Panier {f} [Ös.] [cook.]