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black-crowned antpitta Schwarzscheitel-Ameisenpitta {m} [ornith.]

black-crowned monjita Kronenmonjita {m} [ornith.]

black-crowned sparrow-lark Weißstirnlerche {f} [ornith.]

black-crowned waxbill Nonnenastrild {m} [ornith.]

pittas (zoological family) Pittas {pl} (Pittidae) (zoologische Familie) [ornith.]

white-throated antpitta Graubrust-Ameisenpitta {m}

moustached antpitta Bartstreif-Ameisenpitta {m}

stripe-headed antpitta Strichelkopf-Ameisenpitta {m}

santa marta antpitta Olivrücken-Ameisenpitta {m}

chestnut antpitta Blakeameisenpitta {m}

pale-billed antpitta Blaßschnabel-Ameisenpitta {m}

tachira antpitta Tachiraameisenpitta {m}

ochre-striped antpitta Rostkehl-Ameisenpitta {m}

elusive antpitta Weißkehl-Ameisenpitta {m}

chestnut-brown antpitta Kastanienameisenpitta {m}

rufous-faced antpitta Rotohr-Ameisenpitta {m}

great antpitta Großameisenpitta {m}

giant antpitta Riesenameisenpitta {m}

grey-naped antpitta Graunacken-Ameisenpitta {m}

scaled antpitta Schuppenkopf-Ameisenpitta {m}

plain-backed antpitta Braunrücken-Ameisenpitta {m}

bay-backed antpitta Rotrücken-Ameisenpitta {m}

brown-banded antpitta Bandameisenpitta {m}

chestnut-naped antpitta Rotkopf-Ameisenpitta {m}

puna antpitta Punaameisenpitta {m}

tawny antpitta Bergameisenpitta {m}

chestnut-crowned antpitta Rostkappen-Ameisenpitta {m}

bicoloured antpitta Zweifarben-Ameisenpitta {m}

rufous antpitta Einfarb-Ameisenpitta {m}

undulated antpitta Schuppenbauch-Ameisenpitta {m}

variegated antpitta Königsameisenpitta {m}

Watkin's antpitta Watkinsameisenpitta {m}

black-faced pitta Salomonenpitta {m}

African pitta Angolapitta {m} (Pitta angolensis)

blue-banded pitta Rotkopfpitta {m} (Pitta arcuata)

blue-headed pitta Rotrückenpitta {m} (Pitta baudii)

blue-winged pitta Bengalenpitta {m}; Neunfarbenpitta {m} (Pitta brachyura)

giant pitta Riesenpitta {m} (Pitta caerulea)

blue pitta Blaupitta {m} (Pitta cyanea)

elegant pitta Schmuckpitta {m} (Pitta elegans)

Elliot's pitta Elliotpitta {m}

red-breasted pitta Rotbauchpitta {m} (Pitta erythrogaster)

garnet pitta Granatpitta {m} (Pitta granatina)

blue-tailed pitta Blauschwanzpitta {m}

Gurney's pitta Goldkehlpitta {m} (Pitta gurneyi)

rainbow pitta Regenbogenpitta {m} (Pitta iris)

Koch's pitta Luzonpitta {m}

great pitta Halmaherapitta {m}

blue-winged pitta; moluccan pitta Blauflügelpitta {m} (Pitta moluccensis)

blue-naped pitta Blaunackenpitta {m} (Pitta nipalensis)

fairy pitta Nymphenpitta {m} (Pitta nympha)

fulvous pitta Braunkopfpitta {m} (Pitta oatesi)

Phayre's pitta Sichelpitta {m}

green-breasted pitta Grünbrustpitta {m} (Pitta reichenowi)

Schneider's pitta Schneiderpitta {m} (Pitta schneideri)

hooded pitta Kappenpitta {m} (Pitta sordida)

blue-backed pitta Blaubürzelpitta {m} (Pitta soror)

Steere's pitta Blaubauchpitta {m} (Pitta steerii)

superb pitta Mohrenpitta {m}

black-crowned garnet pitta Schwarzscheitelpitta {m}

noisy pitta Lärmpitta {m} (Pitta versicolor)

tanagers (zoological family) Tangaren {pl} (Thraupidae) (zoologische Familie) [ornith.]

yellow-winged tanager Abttangare {f}

blue-necked tanager Azurkopftangare {f}

blue & gold tanager Bangstangare {f}

blue-grey tanager Bischofstangare {f}

blue-whiskered tanager Blaubarttangare {f}

gilt-edged tanager Blaubrusttangare {f}

glaucous tanager Blauflecktangare {f}

black-headed tanager Blauflügeltangare {f}

red-necked tanager Blaukappentangare {f}

hooded mountain tanager Blaurücken-Bergtangare {f}

black & gold tanager Blauschultertangare {f}

blue-winged mountain tanager Blauschwingen-Bergtangare {f}

flame-coloured tanager Bluttangare {f}

brazilian tanager Brasiltangare {f}

scarlet-browed tanager Brauenschopftangare {f}

chestnut-bellied mountain tanager Braunbauch-Bergtangare {f}

buff-bellied tanager Braunbauchtangare {f}

fulvous shrike-tanager Braunbrust-Würgertangare {f}

brown-flanked tanager Braunflankentangare {f}

orange-eared tanager Braunohr-Bunttangare {f}

puerto rican tanager Brustfleckentangare {f}

azure-rumped tanager Cabanistangare {f}

Carmioli's tanager Carmioltangare {f}

diademed tanager Diademtangare {f}

green-headed tanager Dreifarbentangare {f}

spotted tanager Drosseltangare {f}

moss-backed tanager Edwardstangare {f}

magpie tanager Elstertangare {f}

flame-rumped tanager Feuerbürzeltangare {f}

common bush tanager Finkenbuschtangare {f}

crimson-collared tanager Flammentangare {f}

speckled tanager Fleckentangare {f}

white-banded tanager Flügelbindentangare {f}

brown tanager Fuchstangare {f}

blue & yellow tanager Furchentangare {f}

yellow-bellied tanager Gelbbauchtangare {f}

lemon-browed tanager Gelbbrauentangare {f}

yellow-backed tanager Gelbbürzeltangare {f}

yellow-throated bush tanager Gelbkehl-Buschtangare {f}

yellow-throated tanager Gelbkehltangare {f}

saffron-crowned tanager Gelbkopftangare {f}

yellow-rumped tanager Gelgare {f}

blue-capped tanager Papageitangare {f}

yellow-crested tanager Parodihemispingus {m}

white-winged shrike-tanager Passerinitangare {f}

cinnamon tanager Prachttangare {f}

spangle-cheeked tanager Purpurmanteltangare {f}

yellow-scarfed tanager Purpurmaskentangare {f}

green & gold tanager Purpurtangare {f}

rufous-winged tanager Rosenkehltangare {f}

rust & yellow tanager Rostkappentangare {f}

golden-eared tanager Rostkopftangare {f}

gold-ringed tanager Rotbauchtangare {f}

golden-backed mountain tanager Rotbrusttangare {f}

golden-crowned tanager Rothschildtangare {f}

fulvous-crested tanager Rotkappentangare {f}

golden tanager Rotkehl-Ameisentangare {f}

dusky-bellied bush tanager Rotkehltangare {f}

ash-throated bush tanager Rotkopftangare {f}

grey-hooded bush tanager Rotnackentangare {f}

grey-headed tanager Rotohr-Bunttangare {f}

sooty ant-tanager Rotscheiteltangare {f}

grey-crowned palm tanager Rotschultertangare {f}

green-capped tanager Rotstirntangare {f}

green-throated tanager Rotwangentangare {f}

green-naped tanager Rubinkehltangare {f}

bay-headed tanager Rußgesichttangare {f}

guira tanager Sayacatangare {f}

black-goggled tanager Scharlachbauchtangare {f}

yellow-collared tanager Scharlachhauben-Ameisentangare {f}

flame-crested tanager Scharlachkopftangare {f}

black-capped tanager Scharlachtangare {f}

burnished-buff tanager Schiefertangare {f}

golden-collared tanager Schleiertangare {f}

red-crowned ant-tanager Schlichttangare {f}

western tanager Schmätzertangare {f}

ruby-crowned tanager Schmucktangare {f}

short-billed bush tanager Schwalbentangare {f}

masked crimson tanager Schwarzachseltangare {f}

scarlet-bellied mountain tanager Schwarzbauchtangare {f}

vermilon tanager Schwarzbrust-Bergtangare {f}

Natterer's tanager Schwarzbrusttangare {f}

ochre-breasted tanager Schwarzkappentangare {f}

rufous-crested tanager Schwarzkehl-Würgertangare {f}

olive-backed tanager Schwarzkinn-Bergtangare {f}

olive-green tanager Schwarzmanteltangare {f}

opal-crowned tanager Schwarznackentangare {f}

brassy-breasted tanager Schwarzohr-Bunttangare {f}

orange-headed tanager Schwarzrückentangare {f}

palm tanager Schwarzscheitel-Palmtangare {f}

grey & gold tanager Schwarzstirn-Buschtangare {f}

grass-green tanager Schwarztangare {f}

Parodi's tanager Schwarzwangen-Ameisentangare {f}

scarlet-rumped tanager Schwarzwangen-Bergtangare {f}

chestnut-backed tanager Schwarzwangen-Buschtangare {f}

purplish-mantled tanager Seidenflankentangare {f}

golden-masked tanager Siebenfarbentangare {f}

silver-beaked tanager Silberbrauen-Bergtangare {f}

rose-throated tanager Silberbrauentangare {f}

rufous-headed tanager Silberfleckentangare {f}

fulvous-headed tanager Silberkehltangare {f}

opal-rumped tanager Silbertangare {f}

scarlet-throated tanager Siratangare {f}

golden-chested tanager Smaragdtangare {f}

lesser antillean tanager Sommertangare {f}

red-throated ant-tanager Spiegeltangare {f}

rufous-throated tanager Stolzmanntangare {f}

red-headed tanager Streifenkopftangare {f}

golden-naped tanager Tacarcunabuschtangare {f}

glistening-green tanager Tränenbergtangare {f}

scrub tanager Trauertangare {f}

red-shouldered tanager Trupialtangare {f}

flame-faced tanager Tüpfeltangare {f}

rufoud-cheeked tanager Türkistangare {f}

cherry-throated tanager Vassoritangare {f}

dusky-faced tanager Vielfarbentangare {f}

sayaca tanager Violettschultertangare {f}

crimson-backed tanager Weißbindentangare {f}

crested ant-tanager Weißbrauen-Buschtangare {f}

red-hooded tanager Weißbürzeltangare {f}

scarlet tanager Weißkappentangare {f}

slaty tanager Weißkehl-Würgertangare {f}

black-faced tanager Wetmoretangare {f}

plain-coloured tanager Witwentangare {f}

chat-tanager Ziertangare {f}

golden-chevroned tanager Zimtbrusttangare {f}

swallow tanager Zimtkopftangare {f}

tawny-crested tanager Zinnobertangare {f}

black-bellied tanager Zitronentangare {f}

night herons (zoological subfamily) Nachtreiher {pl} (Nycticoracinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [ornith.]

black-crowned night-heron gemeiner Nachtreiher {m}; Nachtrabe {m}; Quakreiher {m}; Schildreiher {m} (Nycticorax nycticorax)

merops bee-eaters (zoological genus) Merops-Bienenfresser {pl}; Merops-Spinte {pl} (Merops) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

European bee-eater Europäischer Bienenfresser (Merops apiaster)

blue-cheeked bee-eater Blauwangenspint {m} (Merops persicus)

blue-throated bee-eater; chestnut-headed bee-eater Malaienspint {m} (Merops viridis)

white-throated bee eater; black-crowned bee-eater Weißkehlspint {m} (Merops albicollis)

tityras (zoological genus) Tityras {pl} (Tityra) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

black-crowned tityra Kappentityra {f} (Tityra inquisitor)

masked tityra Maskentityra {f} (Tityra semifasciata)

black-tailed tityra Schwarzschwanztityra {f} (Tityra cayana)
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