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16 results for black-tailed
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black-tailed godwit Uferschnepfe {f} (Limosa limosa) [ornith.]

black-tailed native hen Rotfuß-Pfuhlhuhn {n} [ornith.]

black-tailed stilt Halsband-Stelzenläufer {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed trainbearer Schwarzschwanzlesbia {f} [ornith.]

black-tailed trogon Schwarzschwanztrogon {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed leafscraper Schwarzschwanz-Laubwender {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed antcreeper Schwarzschwanz-Ameisenschnäpper {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed flycatcher Schwarzschwanztyrann {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed gnatcatcher Schwarzschwanz-Mückenfänger {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed hawfinch Weißhand-Kernbeißer {m} [ornith.]

black-tailed waxbill Schwarzschwanz-Schönbürzel {m} [ornith.]

gazella gazelles (zoological genus) Gazella-Gazellen {pl} (Gazella) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Neumann's gazelle; Erlanger's gazelle Arabische Küstengazelle {f} (Gazella erlangeri)

Cuvier's gazelle Cuviergazelle {f} (Gazella cuvieri)

dorcas gazelle; ariel gazelle Dorkasgazelle {f} (Gazella dorcas)

rhim gazelle; sand gazelle; slender-horned gazelle; Loder's gazelle Dünengazelle {f} (Gazella leptoceros)

mountain gazelle Edmigazelle {f} (Gazella gazella)

Indian gazelle; chinkara Indische Gazelle; Chinkara (Gazella bennettii)

goitered gazelle; black-tailed gazelle Kropfgazelle {f} (Gazella subgutturosa)

Speke's gazelle Spekegazelle {f} (Gazelle spekei)

hares and jackrabbits (zoological genus) Echten Hasen {pl} (Lepus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Alaskan hare; tundra hare Alaskahase {m} (Lepus othus)

antelope jackrabbit Antilopenhase {m} (Lepus alleni)

American desert hare; black-tailed jackrabbit Kalifornischer Eselhase {m}; Eselhase {m} (Lepus californicus)

black jackrabbit Espiritu-Santo-Hase {m} (Lepus insularis)

European hare; brown hare Feldhase {m}; Hase {m} (Lepus europaeus) [listen]

broom hare Ginsterhase {m}; Castroviejo-Hase {m} (Lepus castroviejoi)

Cape hare; desert hare Kaphase {m} (Lepus capensis)

Arctic hare Polarhase {m} (Lepus arcticus)

prairie hare; white-tailed jackrabbit; white jack Präriehase {m} (Lepus townsendii)

African savanna hare Savannenhase {m}; Mosambik-Hase {m} (Lepus microtis / Lepus victoriae)

mountain hare; white hare; snow hare; Alpine hare; Irish hare; tundra hare; variable hare Schneehase {m} (Lepus timidus)

snowshoe hare; varying hare, snowshoe rabbit [Am.] Schneeschuhhase {m} (Lepus americanus)

woolly hare Tibetanische Wollhase {m} (Lepus oiostolus)

Mexican hare; white-sided jackrabbit Weißflankenhase {m} (Lepus callotis)

climacteris treecreepers (zoological genus) Climacteris-Baumrutscher {pl} (Climacteris) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

brown treecreeper Braunbaumrutscher {m} (Climacteris picumnus)

rufous treecreeper Rostbauch-Baumrutscher {m} (Climacteris rufus)

red-browed treecreeper Rostbrauen-Baumrutscher {m} (Climacteris erythrops)

black-tailed treecreeper Schwarzschwanz-Baumrutscher {m} (Climacteris melanurus)

white-browed treecreeper Weißbrauen-Baumrutscher {m} (Climacteris affinis)

amaurornis birds (zoological genus) Kielrallen {pl} (Amaurornis) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

brown bushhen/waterhen/swamphen; brown crake; crimson-legged crake [listen] Braunbauchkielralle {f} (Amaurornis akool)

Isabelline bushhen/waterhen; Celebes bushhen/waterhen/moorhen/swamphen; Sulawesi waterhen Isabellkielralle {f} (Amaurornis isabellina)

Oliver's rail; Olivier's crake; Sakalava rail Malegassensumpfhuhn {n} (Amaurornis olivieri)

African black crake; black crake; black rail; black waterhen Mohrenralle {f}; Mohrensumpfhuhn {n} (Amaurornis flavirostra)

plain bushhen Philippinenkielralle {f} (Amaurornis olivacea)

Moluccan rufous-tailed moorhen; rufous-vented rail; rufous-tailed bushhen/waterhen/moorhen; rufous-vented bushhen; pale-vented bushhen; Eastern bushhen Rotsteiß-Kielralle {f} (Amaurornis moluccana)

Talaud bushhen Talaud-Kielralle {f}; Karakelong-Kielralle {f} (Amaurornis magnirostris)

white-breasted bushhen; white-breasted waterhen; white-breasted swamphen Weißbrustkielralle {f} (Amaurornis phoenicurus)

black-tailed crake; rufous-backed crake; Elwes' crake Zweifarbenkielralle {f}; Zweifarben-Sumpfhuhn {f} (Amaurornis bicolor)

tityras (zoological genus) Tityras {pl} (Tityra) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

black-crowned tityra Kappentityra {f} (Tityra inquisitor)

masked tityra Maskentityra {f} (Tityra semifasciata)

black-tailed tityra Schwarzschwanztityra {f} (Tityra cayana)
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