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schwänzen; blaumachen {vi} (unentschuldigt fehlen) to skive [Br.]; to skive off [Br.]; to be on the skive [Br.]; to goof off [Am.]

schwänzend; blaumachend skiving; skiving off; being on the skive; goofing off

geschwänzt; blaugemacht skived; skived off; been on the skive; goofed off

krankfeiern; krankmachen; blaumachen [ugs.] {vi} to skip work; to skive off work [Br.] [coll.]; to take/pull/throw a sickie [Br.]; to play hookey/hooky from work [Am.] [dated]

Schwänzen {n}; Blaumachen {n} [ugs.] skiving [Br.] [coll.]