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10 results for andaman
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Andaman Islands Andamanen {pl} [geogr.]

Andaman Sea Andamanische See {f}; Andaman-See {f}; Andamanisches Meer [geogr.]

andaman banded crake Andamanenralle {f} [ornith.]

andaman wood pigeon Andamanentaube {f} [ornith.]

andaman cuckoo dove Rotsteißtaube {f} [ornith.]

andaman hawk owl Andamanenkauz {m} [ornith.]

andaman scops owl Andamaneneule {f} [ornith.]

andaman tree pie Andamanenbaumelster {f} [ornith.]

serpent-eagles (zoological genus) Schlangenweihen {pl} (Spilornis) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

crested serpent eagle Schlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis cheela)

Bawean serpent eagle Baweanschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) baweanus)

Mentawai serpent eagle Mentawaischlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) sipora)

Natuna serpent eagle Natunaschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) natunensis)

Nias serpent eagle Niasschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) asturinus)

central nicobar serpent eagle Nikobarenschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) minimus)

Ryukyu serpent eagle Riukiuschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) perplexus)

Simeulie serpent eagle Simeulueschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis (ceela) abbotti)

andaman serpent eagle Andamanenschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis elgini)

mountain serpent eagle Bergschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis kinabaluensis)

Sulawesi serpent eagle Celebesschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis rufipectus)

great nicobar serpent eagle Kloss-Schlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis klossi)

Philippine serpent eagle Philippinenschlangenweihe {f} (Spilornis holospilus)

Dicrurus drongos (zoological genus) Dicrurus-Drongos {pl} (Dicrurus) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

fork-tailed drongo Trauerdrongo [ornith.]

bronzed drongo Bronzedrongo [ornith.]

aldabra drongo Aldabradrongo [ornith.]

andaman drongo Andamanendrongo [ornith.]

crow-billed drongo Krähendrongo [ornith.]

shining drongo Glanzdrongo [ornith.]

balicassio drongo Philippinendrongo [ornith.]

spangled drongo Glanzfleckdrongo [ornith.]

white-bellied drongo Graubrustdrongo [ornith.]

wallacean drongo Wallacedrongo [ornith.]

crested drongo Gabeldrongo [ornith.]

comoro drongo Braunschwingendrongo [ornith.]

hair-crested drongo Haarbuschdrongo [ornith.]

ashy drongo Graudrongo [ornith.]

square-tailed drongo Geradschwanzdrongo [ornith.]

black drongo Königsdrongo [ornith.]

New Ireland drongo Bandschwanzdrongo [ornith.]

greater racquet-tailed drongo Flaggendrongo [ornith.]

lesser racquet-tailed drongo Spateldrongo [ornith.]

Sumatran drongo Sumatradrongo [ornith.]

mayotte drongo Mayottedrongo [ornith.]
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