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Aale {pl}; Aalartige {pl} (Anguilliformes) (zoologische Ordnung) eels (zoological order)

Anguilla-Flussaale {pl} (Anguilla) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.] anguilla eels (zoological genus)

Europäischer Flussaal {m}; Europäischer Aal {m} (Anguilla anguilla) common eel; European eel

Conger-Aale {pl} (Conger) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.] conger eels; congers (zoological genus)

Meeraal {m}; Seeaal {m} (Conger conger) European conger

Echte Aale {pl}; Flussaale {pl}; Süßwasseraale {pl} (Anguillidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.] freshwater eels (zoological family)

Aalmolche {pl}; Fischmolche {pl} (Amphiuma) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.] amphiuma salamanders; amphiumas; congo eels [coll.]; congo snakes [coll.] (zoological genus)

Schleimaale {pl}; Inger {pl} (Myxini) (zoologische Klasse) [zool.] hagfishes; slime eels (zoological class)

Meeraale {pl} (Congridae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.] conger and garden eels (zoological family)

Muränen {pl} (Muraenidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.] moray eels (zoological family)

Neunaugen {pl}; Lampreten {pl} [cook.] (Petromyzontidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.] lamprey eels; lampreys (zoological family)

Schlangenaale {pl} (Ophichthidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.] snake eels; worm eels (zoological family)

Drachenmuräne {f} (Enchelycore pardalis) [zool.] dragon eel

Drachenmuränen {pl} dragon eels

Kettenmuräne {f} (Echidna catenata) [zool.] chainlink eel

Kettenmuränen {pl} chainlink eels

Räucheraal {m}; Spickaal {m} [cook.] smoked eel

Räucheraale {pl}; Spickaale {pl} smoked eels

Rotstreifen-Stachelaal {m}; Feueraal {m} (Macrognathus erythrotaenia) [zool.] fire (spiny) eel

Rotstreifen-Stachelaale {pl}; Feueraale {pl} fire eels

Spickaal {m} [cook.] smoked eel

Spickaale {pl} smoked eels

Stachelaal {m} (Mastacembelus armatus) [zool.] armed spiny eel

Stachelaale {pl} armed spiny eels

Zitteraal {m} (Electrophorus electricus) [zool.] electric eel

Zitteraale {pl} electric eels
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