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spiny; spined; spinous; spinose; spinate; spiky; spikey [rare] stachelig; stachlig {adj} [zool.]

as spiny as a hedgehog stachelig wie ein Igel

spiny anteaters; echidnas (zoological family) Ameisenigel {pl}; Schnabeligel {pl}; Echidna {pl} (Tachyglossidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

spiny brooms (botanical genus) Dornginster {pl} (Calicotome) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

spiny dogfish; piked dogfish; spurdog [coll.] Dornhai {m} (Squalus acanthias) [zool.]

spiny lobster Languste {f} [zool.]

spiny lobsters Langusten {pl}

spiny babbler Igeldrossling {m} [ornith.]

spiny-spored quillwort; spring quillwort; quillwort igelsporiges/stachelsporiges Brachsenkraut {n} (Isoetes echinospora) [bot.]

armed spiny eel Stachelaal {m} (Mastacembelus armatus) [zool.]

armed spiny eels Stachelaale {pl}

New Guinean spiny bandicoots (zoological genus) Stachelnasenbeutler {pl} (Echymipera) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

thorny; brambly; acanthaceous; spiny; spinous; spinose; spinate; spiky; spikey spikey [rare] dornig; stachelig; stachlig; stechend [ugs.] [selten]; piksend [ugs.] {adj} [bot.]

spiny-cheeked honeyeater Braunkehl-Honigfresser {m} [ornith.]

fire (spiny) eel Rotstreifen-Stachelaal {m}; Feueraal {m} (Macrognathus erythrotaenia) [zool.]

fire eels Rotstreifen-Stachelaale {pl}; Feueraale {pl}

smaug girdled lizards (zoological genus) Smaug-Gürtelechsen {pl} (Smaug) (zoologische Gattung)

giant girdled lizard; giant spiny-tailed lizard; giant dragon lizard; giant zonure; sungazer Riesengürtelschweif {m} (Smaug giganteus)

monitor lizards (zoological genus) Warane {pl} (Varanus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Bengal monitor; common Indian monitor Bengalenwaran {m} (Varanus bengalensis)

water monitor; kabaragoya Bindenwaran {m} (Varanus salvator)

lace monitor; lace goanna Buntwaran {m} (Varanus varius)

yellow monitor; golden monitor Gelbwaran {m} (Varanus flavescens)

Komodo monitor; Komodo dragon Komodowaran {m}; Komododrache {m} (Varanus komodoensis)

Nile monitor; water leguaan; river leguaan Nilwaran {m} (Varanus niloticus)

Papua(n) monitor, Salvadori's monitor: Crocodile monitor; Artellia Papuawaran {m}; Baumkrokodil {n} (Varanus salvadorii)

spiny-tailed monitor; ridge-tailed monitor; Ackies dwarf monitor Stachelschwanzwaran {m} (Varanus acanthurus)

savannah monitor; Bosc's monitor Steppenwaran {m} (Varanus exanthematicus)

desert monitor Wüstenwaran {m} (Varanus griseus)

neurodendrite; cytodendrite [former name]; dendrite; neurodendron; dendron Zytoplasmafortsatz {m} der Nervenzelle; Zellfortsatz {m}; Dendrit {m} [biol.]

neurodendrites; cytodendrites; dendrites; neurodendrons; dendrons Zytoplasmafortsätze {pl} der Nervenzelle; Zellfortsätze {pl}; Dendriten {pl}

smooth dendrites glatte Dendriten

spiny dendrites; dendrite spines Dornenfortssätze; dornenförmige Dendriten
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