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finger-cymbals; crotales Fingercymbeln {pl}; Crotales {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument)

rivet cymbals; sizzle cymbals Nietenbecken {pl} [mus.] (Schlaginstrument)

finger cymbals; zills; zils Zimbeln {pl} (kleine Becken) [mus.]

antique cymbals antike Zimbeln

cymbal Becken {n}; Tschinelle {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.] [Schw.] [ugs.] (Schlaginstrument) [mus.] [listen]

cymbals Becken {pl}; Tschinellen {pl} [listen]

Chinese cymbals chinesische Becken {pl}

Turkish cymbals türkische Becken {pl}

suspended cymbal hängendes Becken

charleston cymbal Charleston-Becken {n}

to choke the cymbal das Becken abdämpfen

to bow the cymbal das Becken streichen