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Proverbs, aphorisms, quotations (English) by Linux fortune

if (rsfp = mypopen("/bin/mail root","w")) {     /* heh, heh */
             -- Larry Wall in perl.c from the perl source code
Your csh still thinks true is false.  Write to your vendor today and tell
them that next year Configure ought to "rm /bin/csh" unless they fix their
blasted shell. :-)   -- Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution
UNobfuscated Perl Code Contest

The Perl Gazette has announced the winners in the First Annual Unobfuscated
Perl Code Contest. First place went to Edwin Fuller, who submitted this
unobfuscated program:

  print "Hello world!\n";

"This was definitely a challenging contest," said an ecstatic Edwin
Fuller. "I've never written a Perl program before that didn't have
hundreds of qw( $ @ % & * | ? / \ ! # ~ ) symbols. I really had to summon
all of my programming skills to produce an unobfuscated program."

...The second place winner, Mrs. Sea Pearl, submitted the following code:

  use strict;
  # Do nothing, successfully
<n3tg0d> has /usr/bin/emacs been put into /etc/shells yet?  :P
... ich bin in einem dusenjet ins jahr 53 vor chr ... ich lande im
antiken Rom ...  einige gladiatoren spielen scrabble ... ich rieche
In /users3 did Kubla Kahn
A stately pleasure dome decree,
Where /bin, the sacred river ran
Through Test Suites measureless to Man
Down to a sunless C.
Terorists crashed an airplane into the server room, have to remove /bin/laden. (rm -rf /bin/laden)
Winnuke in one line?  No problem:
perl -MIO::Socket -e 'IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr=>"")->send("bye",MSG_OOB)'

And formatted so it's a little easier to read:

        use IO::Socket;
                ->send("bye", MSG_OOB);

        -- Randal Schwartz
Charles Briscoe-Smith <>:
  After all, the gzip package is called `gzip', not `libz-bin'...

James Troup <>:
  Uh, probably because the gzip binary doesn't come from the
  non-existent libz package or the existent zlib package.
        -- debian-bugs-dist
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