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49 results for mantequilla
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la mantequilla de aguacate {f} [cook.] Avocadobutter {f} [cook.]

la masa con mantequilla batida {f} [cook.] Butterabtrieb {m} [cook.]

el aroma de mantequilla {m} [cook.] Butteraroma {n} [cook.]

la rosquilla de mantequilla {f} [cook.] Butterbrezel {f} [cook.]

el pan con mantequilla {m} [cook.] Butterbrot {n} [cook.]

el panecillo de mantequilla {m} [cook.] Butterbrötchen {n} [cook.]

la crema de mantequilla {f} [cook.] Buttercreme {f} [cook.]

el barril de mantequilla {m} [com.] Butterfass {n} [econ.]

la mantequilla {f} [cook.] Butter {f} [cook.] [listen]

la mantequilla concentrada {f} [cook.] Butterfett {n} [cook.]

el pez mantequilla {m} [zool.] Butterfisch {m} [zool.] (Pholis gunellus)

el molde para la mantequilla {m} [cook.] Butterform {f} [cook.]

la galleta de mantequilla {f} [cook.] Butterkeks {m} [cook.]

el pastel de mantequilla {m} [cook.] Butterkuchen {m} [cook.]

la bolita de mantequilla {f} [cook.] Butterkugel {f} [cook.]

el pastel de mantequilla y almendras {m} [cook.] Butter-Mandel-Kuchen {m} [cook.]

el cuchillo para mantequilla {m} Buttermesser {n}

el suero de mantequilla {m} [cook.] Buttermilch {f} [cook.]

hacer mantequilla [cook.] buttern {v} [cook.]

untar con mantequilla [cook.] buttern {v} [cook.]

la mantequilla derretida {f} [cook.] Butterschmalz {n} [cook.]

el pan de mantequilla {m} [cook.] das Stück Butter {n} [cook.]

el pez mantequilla {m} [zool.] der Weiße Heilbutt {m} [zool.] (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)

la mantequilla danesa {f} [cook.] die dänische Butter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla salada {f} [cook.] die gesalzene Butter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla dulce {f} [cook.] die ungesalzene Butter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla vegetal {f} [cook.] die vegetarische Butter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla semidesnatada {f} [cook.] Halbfettbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de avellana {f} [cook.] Haselnussbutter {f} [cook.]

el pez mantequilla {m} [zool.] Heilbutt {m} [zool.] (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)

la mantequilla de bogavante {f} [cook.] Hummerbutter {f} [cook.]

asar con mantequilla [cook.] in Butter backen [cook.]

la mantequilla de ajo {f} [cook.] Knoblauchbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de hierbas finas {f} [cook.] Kräuterbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de vaca {f} [cook.] Kuhbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de salmón {f} [cook.] Lachsbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de lima {f} [cook.] Limettenbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de rábano picante {f} [cook.] Meerrettichbutter {f} [cook.]

untar con mantequilla [cook.] mit Butter beschmieren [cook.] [ugs.]

untar con mantequilla [cook.] mit Butter bestreichen [cook.]

la mantequilla de aceitunas {f} [cook.] Olivenbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de pimienta {f} [cook.] Pfefferbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla salada {f} [cook.] Salzbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de anchoas {f} [cook.] Sardellenbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla para caracoles {f} [cook.] Schneckenbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla fina {f} [cook.] Tafelbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de atún {f} [cook.] Thunfischbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de trufa {f} [cook.] Trüffelbutter {f} [cook.]

la mantequilla de limón {f} [cook.] Zitronenbutter {f} [cook.]

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