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el caldo cúprico {m} [chem.] Bordeauxbrühe {f} (auch Kupferkalkbrühe)

el cloruro cúprico {m} [chem.] Cuprichlorid {n} [chem.]

el nitrato cúprico {m} [chem.] Cuprinitrat {n} [chem.]

el sulfuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Cuprisulfid {n} [chem.]

el yodato cúprico básico {m} [chem.] das basische Kupferjodat {n} [chem.]

el sulfato cúprico {m} [chem.] das blaue Vitriol {n} [veraltet]

el óxido cúprico negro {m} [chem.] das schwarze Kupferoxyd {n} [chem.]

el cloruro cúprico amónico {m} [chem.] Kupferammonchlorid {n} [chem.]

el sulfato cúprico amónico {m} [chem.] Kupferammonsulfat {n} [chem.]

el arseniato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferarsenat {n} [chem.]

el arseniuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferarsenid {n} [chem.]

el butirato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferbutyrat {n} [chem.]

el ferrocianuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfereisen-II-zyanid {n} [chem.]

el etilacetoacetato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferethilacetoacetat {n} [chem.]

el ferricianuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferferrizyanid {n} [chem.]

el acetato de cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-acetat {n} [chem.]

el arsenito cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-arsenit {n} [chem.]

el carbonato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-carbonat {n} [chem.]

el cloruro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-chlorid {n} [chem.]

el dicromato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-dichromat {n} [chem.]

el ferrocianuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-ferrozyanid {n} [chem.]

el fluoruro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-fluorid {n} [chem.]

el fluosilicato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-fluorsilikat {n} [chem.]

el gluconato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-glukonat {n} [chem.]

el hidróxido cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-hydroxid {n} [chem.]

el fosfuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-phosphid {n} [chem.]

el seleniuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-selenid {n} [chem.]

el sulfato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-sulfat {n} [chem.]

el sulfuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-sulfid {n} [chem.]

el compuesto cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-verbindung {f} [chem.]

el xantogenato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-xanthogenat {n} [chem.]

el cianuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-II-zyanid {n} [chem.]

el yoduro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-I-jodid {n} [chem.]

el nitrito cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-I-nitrit {n} [chem.]

el oleato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-I-oleat {n} [chem.]

el oxicloruro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfer-I-oxichlorid {n} [chem.]

el yodato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferjodat {n} [chem.]

el caldo cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferkalkbrühe {f} [chem.]

el nitrato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfernitrat {n} [chem.]

el nitroprusiato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupfernitroprussiat {n} [chem.]

el ortoarsenato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferorthoarsenat {n} [chem.]

el ortoarsenito cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferorthoarsenit {n} [chem.]

el ortofosfato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferorthophosphat {n} [chem.]

el ortofosfuro cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferorthophosphid {n} [chem.]

el oxalato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferoxalat {n} [chem.]

el hidróxido cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferoxidhydrat {n} [chem.]

la solución amoniacal de óxido cúprico {f} [chem.] Kupferoxydammoniak {n} [chem.]

el paraperyodato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferparaperjodat {n} [chem.]

el peryodato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferperjodat {n} [chem.]

el fosfato cúprico {m} [chem.] Kupferphosphat {n} [chem.]

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