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whining; whiny; whiney [listen] weinerlich; weinerisch {adj}

whine; whining; whinging [Br.]; whingeing [Br.] [listen] Gejammer {n}; Gewinsel {n}; Gewimmer {n}; Gejaule {n}

whining [listen] wimmernd; jaulend {adj}

to whine at sb. jdn. anjammern; ansudern [Ös.]; beelenden [Schw.] {vt}

whining at anjammernd; ansudernd; beelendend

whined at angejammert; angesudert; beelendet

to whine at each other sich gegenseitig anjammern; sich ansudern; sich beelenden

to be tired of (doing sth.) genug haben von; es leid sein {v} (etw. zu tun)

I'm tired of it ich bin es leid

I'm fed up with your eternal whining. Ich bin dein ewiges Gejammer leid.

I've had enough of it. [coll.] Mir reicht's!; Ich hab genug! [ugs.]

to grizzle; to whine [pej.] [listen] greinen; weinerlich schimpfen {vi}

grizzling; whining [listen] greinend; weinerlich schimpfend

grizzled; whined gegreint; weinerlich geschimpft

to whine; to yammer [Am.]; to bellyache [coll.] about sth. [listen] über etw. jammern; sudern [Ös.] {vi}

whining; bellyaching [listen] jammernd; sudernd

whined; bellyached gejammert; gesudert

to have first-world problems auf hohem Niveau jammern

Stop whining!; Give over whining! [Br.] [coll.]; Quit yammering! [Am.] [coll.] Hör auf zu jammern!

to whine; to whinge [Br.]; to have a whinge [Br.] [listen] (weinerlich) jammern; nölen [Norddt.]; piensen [Norddt.] {vi} [listen]

whining; whinging; having a whinge [listen] jammernd; nölend; piensend

whined; whinged; had a whinge gejammert; genölt; gepienst

to whine [listen] wimmern; winseln {vi}

whining [listen] wimmernd; winselnd

whined gewimmert; gewinselt

whines wimmert; winselt

whined wimmerte; winselte
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