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18 results for wastewater
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wastewater system Abwasseranlage {f}

wastewater systems Abwasseranlagen {pl}

wastewater treatment; sewage treatment; effluent treatment Abwasseraufbereitung {f}; Abwasserbehandlung {f} [envir.]

wastewater disinfection Abwasserdesinfektion {f}

wastewater pump station Abwasserhebeanlage {f}

wastewater pump stations Abwasserhebeanlagen {pl}

wastewater treatment plant; wastewater purification plant; water treatment facility; sewage treatment plant; sewage purification plant; sewage disposal plant; sewage plant; sewerage plant; sewage works Abwasserkläranlage {f}; Abwasserreinigungsanlage {f} [Ös.] [Schw.]; Kläranlage {f}; Klärwerk {n} [envir.]

wastewater treatment plants; wastewater purification plants; water treatment facilities; sewage treatment plants; sewage purification plants; sewage disposal plants; sewage plants; sewerage plants; sewage works Abwasserkläranlagen {pl}; Abwasserreinigungsanlagen {pl}; Kläranlagen {pl}; Klärwerke {pl}

wastewater lagoon; sewage lagoon; oxidation pond Abwasserklärteich {m}; Abwasserteich {m}; Oxidationsteich {m} [envir.]

wastewater lagoons; sewage lagoons; oxidation ponds Abwasserklärteiche {pl}; Abwasserteiche {pl}; Oxidationsteiche {pl}

wastewater pump Abwasserpumpe {f}

wastewater pumps Abwasserpumpen {pl}

wastewater pipe Abwasserrohr {n}

wastewater pipes Abwasserrohre {pl}

wastewater system; sewage system Abwassersystem {n}

wastewater systems; sewage systems Abwassersysteme {pl}

wastewater screenings (wastewater treatment) Rechengut {n} (Abwasseraufbereitung) [envir.]

wastewater (of a plant) Betriebsabwasser {n}

waste water; wastewater Abwasser {n}

untreated waste water ungeklärte Abwässer

electroplating wastewater; metal plating wastewater Galvanikabwasser {n} [envir.]

pollutant content/load in effluent wastes; wastewater pollution load/burden/level; wastewater load; sewage load (sewage) Schmutzfracht {f} (Abwasser) [envir.]

slop; wastewater Schmutzwasser {n}

purification of wastewater on irrigated fields (sewage treatment) Verrieselung {f}; Abwassereinigung {f} auf bewässerten Feldern (Abwasserbehandlung)

sewage; sewerage; plant effluent (treated wastewater from a plant) [listen] [listen] Abwasser {n} (vorbehandeltes Abwasser aus einer Anlage) [envir.]

sewages Abwässer {pl}

industrial effluent industrielles Abwasser

primary sewage treatment Vorreinigung des Abwassers

to treat sewage Abwasser aufbereiten

bar screen (wastewater treatment) Grobrechen {m}; Rechen {m} (Abwasseraufbereitung) [envir.]

bar screens Grobrechen {pl}; Rechen {pl}
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