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to reduce sth. to powder; to powder sth.; to pulverize / pulverise [Br.] sth.; to triturate sth.; to attrite sth.; to comminute sth. etw. pulverisieren; zerreiben; zermahlen {vt}

reducing to powder; powdering; pulverizing / pulverising; triturating; attriting; comminuting pulverisierend; zerreibend; zermahlend

reduced to powder; powdered; pulverized / pulverised; triturated; attrited; comminuted pulverisiert; zerrieben; zermahlen

reduces to powder; powders; pulverizes; pulverises; triturates; attrites; comminutes pulverisiert; zerreibt; zermahlt

reduced to powder; powdered; pulverized; pulverised; triturated; attrited; comminuted pulverisierte; zerrieb; zermahlte