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suspension of the statute of limitations; interruption of the prescriptive time; tolling of the period of limitations [Am.] Hemmung {f} der Verjährungsfrist; Verjährungshemmung {f}; Unterbrechung {f} der Verjährungsfrist; Verjährungsunterbrechung {f} [jur.]

suspension of the expiration of the period of limitation; expiry suspension Ablaufhemmung {f}

suspension of the running of the period of limitation Fortlaufhemmung {f}

road tolling; tolling Mauterhebung {f}; Mauteinhebung {f} [Ös.] [auto] [adm.]

toll system; tolling system Mautsystem {n} [transp.] [adm.]

toll systems; tolling systems Mautsysteme {pl}