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theses Hochschulschriften {pl}

diploma thesis; degree dissertation; final year project Diplomarbeit {f} [stud.] [listen]

diploma theses; degree dissertations; final year projects Diplomarbeiten {pl}

doctoral thesis; thesis; dissertation [listen] [listen] Doktorarbeit {f}; Dissertation {f}; Diss {f} [ugs.] [stud.]

doctoral theses; theses; dissertations Doktorarbeiten {pl}; Dissertationen {pl}

convergence thesis Konvergenzthese {f}

convergence theses Konvergenzthesen {pl}

project report; project thesis Projektbericht {m}; Projektarbeit {f}

project reports; project theses Projektberichte {pl}; Projektarbeiten {pl}

thesis [listen] These {f}

theses Thesen {pl}

subject of a (diploma) thesis Diplomarbeitsthema {n} [stud.]

subjects of (diploma) theses Diplomarbeitsthemen {pl}