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tailed frogs (zoological genus) Schwanzfrösche {pl} (Ascaphus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

stiff-tailed ducks (zoological genus) Oxyura-Ruderenten {pl} (Oxyura) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

ruddy duck Schwarzkopfruderente {f} (Oxyura jamaicensis)

white-headed duck Weißkopfruderente {f} (Oxyura leucocephala)

(Australian) blue-billed duck Australische Ruderente {f} (Oxyura australis)

guenons; long-tailed monkeys (zoological genus) Eigentliche Meerkatzen {pl} (Cercopithecus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

De Brazza's monkey Brazzameerkatze {f} (Cercopithecus neglectus)

Diana monkey Dianameerkatze {f} (Cercopithecus diana)

common boa; red-tailed boa Abgottschlange {f}; Abgottboa {f}; Königsschlange {f}; Königsboa {f} (Boa constrictor) [zool.]

flat-tailed geckos; leaf-tailed geckos (zoological genus) Blattschwanzgeckos {pl}; Plattschwanzgeckos {pl} (Uroplatus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

bob-tailed sheepdog; Old English sheepdog /OES/ (dog breed) Bobtail {m} (Hunderasse) [zool.]

bushy-tailed tree squirrels (zoological genus) Eichhörnchen {pl} (Sciurus) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.] [listen]

Eurasian red squirrel; red squirrel Eigentliches Eichhörnchen {n}; Europäisches Eichhörnchen {n}; Eichkätzchen {n}; Eichkater {m} (Sciurus vulgaris)

red-tailed (black) shark Feuerschwanz-Fransenlipper {m} (Epalzeorhynchus bicolor) [zool.]

orange-finned loach; redtail loach; yellow-tailed botia Grüne Schmerle {f} (Botia modesta) [zool.]

thick-tailed bushbabies; greater galagos (zoological genus) Riesengalagos {pl} (Otolemur) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

magnificent rasbora; red-tailed rasbora Rotschwanzrasbora {f} (Rasbora borapetensis) [zool.]

long-tailed shrews (zoological genus) Rotzahnspitzmäuse {pl} (Sorex) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

round-tailed garfish; silver needlefish Süßwasser-Hornhecht {m} (Xenentodon cancilia) [zool.]

round-tailed garfishes; silver needlefishes Süßwasser-Hornhechte {pl}

white-tailed mongoose Weißschwanzmanguste {f}; Weißschwanz-Ichneumon {m} (Ichneumia albicauda) [zool.]

prehensile-tailed skink, monkey-tailed skink; monkey skink; giant skink; zebra skink; Solomon Islands skink Wickelschwanzskink {m}; Wickelskink {m}; Salomonen-Riesenskink {m} (Corucia zebrata) [zool.]

fork-tailed gabelschwänzig {adj}; Gabelschwanz... [ornith.]

white-tailed weißschwänzig {adj}

long-tailed duck Eisente {f} (Clangula hyemalis) [ornith.]

bar-tailed godwit Pfuhlschnepfe {f} (Limosa lapponica) [ornith.]

long-tailed tit Schwanzmeise {f} (Aegithalos caudatus) [ornith.]

mountain rock thrush; rufous-tailed rock-thrush Steinrötel {m} (Monticola saxatilis) [ornith.]

black-tailed godwit Uferschnepfe {f} (Limosa limosa) [ornith.]

white-tailed lapwing; white-tailed plover Weißschwanzkiebitz {m} (Vanellus leucurus) [ornith.]

pin-tailed sandgrouse Spießflughuhn {n} [ornith.]

short-tailed albatross Kurzschwanzalbatros {m} [ornith.]

wedge-tailed shearwater Keilschwanz-Sturmtaucher {m} [ornith.]

short-tailed shearwater Kurzschwanz-Sturmtaucher {m} [ornith.]

fork-tailed storm petrel Gabelschwanz-Wellenläufer {m} [ornith.]

white-tailed tropic bird Weißschwanz-Tropikvogel {m} [ornith.]

red-tailed tropic bird Rotschwanz-Tropikvogel {m} [ornith.]

sharp-tailed ibis Spitzschwanzibis {m} [ornith.]

spot-tailed sparrow hawk Fleckschwanzsperber {m} [ornith.]

wedge-tailed eagle Keilschwanzadler {m} [ornith.]

white-tailed hawk Weißschwanzbussard {m} [ornith.]

zone-tailed hawk Mohrenbussard {m} [ornith.]

African red-tailed buzzard Salvadoribussard {m} [ornith.]

short-tailed hawk Kurzschwanzbussard {m} [ornith.]

red-tailed hawk Rotschwanzbussard {m} [ornith.]

rufous-tailed hawk Magellanbussard {m} [ornith.]

scissor-tailed ite Schwalbenschwanzaar {m} [ornith.]

swallow-tailed kite Schwalbenweih {m} [ornith.]

long-tailed honey buzzard Langschwanzweih {m} [ornith.]

square-tailed kite Schopfmilan {m} [ornith.]

African long-tailed hawk Langschwanzhabicht {m} [ornith.]

bant-tailed guan Bindenschwanzguan {m} [ornith.]

long-tailed quail Langschwanzwachtel {f} [ornith.]

sharp-tailed grouse Schweifhuhn {n} [ornith.]

chestnut-tailed crake Streifenralle {f} [ornith.]

black-tailed native hen Rotfuß-Pfuhlhuhn {n} [ornith.]

pheasant-tailed jacana Wasserfasan {m} [ornith.]

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