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22 results for syndicate
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work group; working group; syndicate [listen] Arbeitsgemeinschaft {f}

work groups; working groups; syndicates Arbeitsgemeinschaften {pl}

syndicate; consortium; management group [listen] Konsortium {n} [econ.]

syndicates; consortiums; management groups Konsortien {pl}

to form a syndicate ein Konsortium bilden

to syndicate [listen] syndizieren {vi} [econ.]

syndicating syndizierend

syndicated syndiziert

syndicate [listen] Syndikat {n}

syndicates Syndikate {pl}

syndicate participation; share in a syndicate Konsortialbeteiligung {f}

syndicate participations; shares in a syndicate Konsortialbeteiligungen {pl}

syndicate transaction; underwriting business; transaction on joint account Konsortialgeschäft {n} [econ.]

syndicate system (insurance business) Konsortialsysteme {n} (Versicherungswesen)

syndicate systems Konsortialsysteme {pl}

praecipuum (in syndicate work) Arrangierungsprovision {f}; Präzipuum {n}; Paecipuum {n} (bei der Arbeit in einem Konsortium) [adm.]

group of banks; banking syndicate; consortium of banks Bankenkonsortium {n}; Bankengruppe {f}

groups of banks; banking syndicates; consortiums of banks Bankenkonsortien {pl}; Bankengruppen {pl}

consortium banking transaction; syndicate banking [Am.] Bankkonsortialgeschäft {n} [fin.]

issuing group; issuing syndicate (stock exchange) Begebungskonsortium {n}; Emissionskonsortium {n}; Platzierungskonsortium {n} (Börse) [fin.]

issuing groups; issuing syndicates Begebungskonsortien {pl}; Emissionskonsortien {pl}; Platzierungskonsortien {pl}

bidding syndicate; bidding group Bieterkonsortium {n}; Ausschreibungskonsortium {n} [econ.]

bidding syndicates; bidding groups Bieterkonsortien {pl}; Ausschreibungskonsortien {pl}

stock exchange syndicate; stock market syndicate Börsenkonsortium {n}; Börsekonsortium {n} [Ös.] [fin.]

stock exchange syndicates; stock market syndicates Börsenkonsortien {pl}; Börsekonsortien {pl}

stock exchange syndicate Börsensyndikat {n}; Börsesyndikat {n} [Ös.] [fin.]

stock exchange syndicates Börsensyndikate {pl}; Börsesyndikate {pl}

drug cartel; drugs syndicate Drogenkartell {n}; Drogensyndikat {n}

drug cartels; drugs syndicates Drogenkartelle {pl}; Drogensyndikate {pl}

underwriting syndicate Emissionskonsortium {n} [fin.]

underwriting syndicates Emissionskonsortien {pl}

promoter syndicate Gründerkonsortium {n}

promoter syndicates Gründerkonsortien {pl}

syndiate leader; syndicate manager; leader of a consortium; lead manager; managing underwriter Konsortialführer {m}

syndiate leaders; syndicate managers; leaders of a consortium; lead managers; managing underwriters Konsortialführer {pl}

consortium member; member of a consortium; member of the syndicate Konsortiumsmitglied {n}; Konsorte {m}

consortium members; members of a consortium; members of the syndicate Konsortiumsmitglieder {pl}; Konsorten {pl}

reconstruction syndicate; backing syndicate Sanierungskonsortium {n} [fin.]

reconstruction syndicates; backing syndicates Sanierungskonsortien {pl}

lottery pools syndicate [Br.]; football pools syndicate [Br.] Tippgemeinschaft {f} (Lotterie oder Fußballtoto)

purchasing syndicate; purchase group; underwriting syndicate/group Übernahmekonsortium {n} [econ.]

purchasing syndicates; purchase groups; underwriting syndicates/groups Übernahmekonsortien {pl}
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