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4 results for sycamore
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plane-tree family; sycamore family (botanical family) Platanengewächse {pl} (Platanaceae) (botanische Familie) [bot.]

maple trees; maples (botanical genus) Ahornbäume {pl}; Ahorne {pl} (Acer) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

sycamore maple; plane-tree maple; false plane-tree; great maple; Scottish maple Bergahorn {m} (Acer pseudoplatanus)

Indian maple Bläulicher Ahorn {m}; Indischer Ahorn {m} (Acer caesium)

ivy-leaved maple; vine-leafed maple, vineleaf maple Cissusblättriger Ahornm; Jungfernahorn {m} (Acer cissifolium)

trident maple; three-toothed maple Dreispitzahorn {m}; Dreizahnahorn {m} (Acer trifidum / Acer buergerianum)

ash-leaved maple; ash-leaf maple [Br.]; maple ash; boxelder maple; boxelder Eschenblättriger Ahorn {m}; Eschenahorn {m} (Acer negundo)

smooth Japanese maple; Japanese maple; full-moon maple; palmate maple Japanischer Fächerahorn {m}; Japanischer Ahorn {m}; Fächerahorn {m} (Acer palmatum)

pointed-leaf maple Feinzähniger Ahorn {m}; Spitzblättriger Ahorn {m} (Acer argutum)

field maple; hedge maple Feldahorn {m}; Maßholder {m} (Acer campestre)

French maple; Montpellier maple Französischer Ahorn {m}; Französischer Maßholder {m}; Dreilappiger Ahorn {m}; Felsenahorn {m}; Burgenahorn {m} (Acer monspessulanum)

candle-shape maple Geschwänzter Ahorn {m} (Acer caudatum)

hornbeam-leaved maple; hornbeam maple Hainbuchenblättriger Ahorn {m}; Hainbuchenahorn {m} (Acer carpinifolium)

Cappadocian maple; Caucasian maple Kolchischer Ahorn {m} (Acer cappadocicum)

Italian maple Schneeballblättriger Ahorn {m}; Schneeballahorn {m}; Frühlingsahorn {m}; Italienischer Ahorn {m}; Schweizer Ahorn {m} (Acer opalus)

silverleaf maple; silver maple; white maple; water maple; creek maple; swamp maple Silberahorn {m} (Acer saccharinum)

black sugar maple; black maple Schwarzer Zuckerahorn {m}; Schwarzahorn {m} (Acer saccharum subsp. nigrum / Acer nigrum)

Norway Maple Spitzahorn {m}; Spitzblättriger Ahorn (Acer platanoides)

vine maple Weinblattahorn {m}; Weinahorn {m}; Rundblättriger Ahorn {m} (Acer circinatum)

hawthorn-leaved maple; hawthorn-leaf maple; hawthorn maple; uri maple Weißdornblättriger Ahorn {m} (Acer crataegifolium)

Chinese paperbark maple; paperbark maple Zimtahorn {m} (Acer griseum)

dwarf maple; mountain maple; rock maple Zwergahorn {m}; Kahler Ahorn {m} (Acer glabrum)

sugar maple; hard maple; rock maple Zuckerahorn {m}; Honigahorn {m} (Acer saccharum)

maplewood Ahornholz {n}

sycamore wood; sycamore maple wood Bergahornholz {n}

plane trees; planes (botanical genus) Platanenbäume {pl}; Platanen {pl} (Platanus) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

American plane tree; occidental plane; buttonwood tree; American sycamore [Am.]; sycamore [Am.] Amerikanische Platane {f}; Westliche Platane (Platanus occidentalis)

California plane tree; California sycamore [Am.]; Western sycamore [Am.] Kalifornische Platane {f} (Platanus racemosa)
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