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supplying company; supplier [listen] Lieferfirma {f} [econ.]

supplying companies; suppliers [listen] Lieferfirmen {pl}

quantity delivered; supplying quantity Liefermenge {f}

delivery system; supplying system; supply system Liefersystem {n}

delivery systems; supplying systems; supply systems Liefersysteme {pl}

ancillary industry; supplying industry Zulieferindustrie {f}; Zuliefererindustrie {f}

to supply sb. with sth.; to supply sth. to sb.; to purvey sth. to sb. jdn. mit etw. (regelmäßig) beliefern; jdm. etw. (regelmäßig) liefern {vt} [econ.]

supplying with; supplying to; purveying to beliefernd; liefernd

supplied with; supplied to; purveyed to beliefert; geliefert [listen]

parts supplied gelieferte Teile

to supply the retail trace den Einzelhandel beliefern

to supply sth. etw. bereitstellen {vt}; für etw. sorgen {vi}

supplying bereitstellend; sorgend

supplied [listen] bereitgestellt; gesorgt

to supply [listen] eingeben; beschaffen; speisen {vt} [listen] [listen]

supplying eingebend; beschaffend; speisend

supplied [listen] eingegeben; beschafft; gespeist

to furnish sth.; to supply sth. etw. liefern {vt} [übtr.]

furnishing; supplying liefernd

furnished; supplied [listen] [listen] geliefert [listen]

to file sth. subsequently; to hand in/forward sth. at a later time; to submit sth. later; to supply sth. later etw. nachbringen; etw. nachreichen {vt} [adm.]

filing subsequently; handing in/forward at a later time; submitting later; supplying later nachbringend; nachreichend

filed subsequently; handed in/forward at a later time; submitted later; supplied later nachgebracht; nachgereicht

will be given later wird nachgereicht

to deliver sth. at a later time; to supply sth. later etw. nachliefern; zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt liefern {vt} [econ.] [transp.]

delivering at a later time; supplying later nachliefernd; zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt liefernd

delivered at a later time; supplied later nachgeliefert; zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt geliefert

to feed; to supply with rations [listen] verpflegen; versorgen {vt} [listen]

feeding; supplying with rations [listen] verpflegend; versorgend

fed; supplied with rations [listen] verpflegt; versorgt

feeds verpflegt; versorgt

fed [listen] verpflegte; versorgte

to supply sb. jdn. versorgen {vt}

supplying versorgend

supplied [listen] versorgt

to supply sb. with food jdn. mit Nahrung versorgen

to supply sb. also jdn. mitversorgen
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