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musical statues [Br.]; freeze dance [Am.] (party game) Stopptanz {m} (Gesellschaftsspiel)

Buddha statue Buddhastatue {f}

Buddha statues Buddhastatuen {pl}

statue of (St.) Mary; figure of (St.) Mary; Madonna statue; Madonna figure Marienstatue {f}; Marienfigur {f} [art] [relig.]

statues of Mary; figures of Mary; Madonna statues; Madonna figures Marienstatuen {pl}; Marienfiguren {pl}

marble statue Marmorstatue {f}; Marmorbild {n}

marble statues Marmorstatuen {pl}; Marmorbilder {pl}

equestrian statue Reiterstatue {f}; Reiterstandbild {n}

equestrian statues Reiterstatuen {pl}; Reiterstandbilder {pl}

statue [listen] Standbild {n}; Statue {f}

statues Standbilder {pl}; Statuen {pl}

Zeus statue Zeusstatue {f} [art]

Zeus statues Zeusstatuen {pl}