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to staple [listen] heften; klammern {vt} [listen]

stapling heftend; klammernd

stapled geheftet; geklammert

staples heftet; klammert

stapled heftete; klammerte

staple [listen] Haupt...; Grund...

staple diet Grundnahrung {f}

staple [listen] Hauptnahrungsmittel {n}

staples Hauptnahrungsmittel {pl}

staple [listen] Heftklammer {f}; Klammer {f}

staples Heftklammern {pl}; Klammern {pl}

staple food; dietary staple Grundnahrungsmittel {n}; Hauptnahrungsmittel {n}

staples; dietary staples Grundnahrungsmittel {pl}; Hauptnahrungsmittel {pl}

staple commodities Stapelgut {n}

staple remover Heftklammerentferner {m}; Klammerentferner {m}

staple removers Heftklammerentferner {pl}; Klammerentferner {pl}

staple parts Armaturenteile {pl} [techn.]

to stitch together; to staple together zusammenheften {vt}

stitching together; stapling together zusammenheftend

stitched together; stapled together zusammengeheftet

stitches together; staples together heftet zusammen

stitched together; stapled together heftete zusammen

staple [listen] Ausgangsmaterial {n}

tube; staple (wind instrument) [listen] [listen] Hülse {f}; Stift {m} (Blasinstrument) [mus.] [listen] [listen]

tubes; staples [listen] Hülsen {pl}; Stifte {pl}

bulk article; mass-produced article; staple article Massenartikel {m}; Massenprodukt {n}

bulk articles; mass-produced articles; staple articles Massenartikel {pl}; Massenprodukte {pl}; Masseware {f}

pin-head staple Nadelstapel {m} [textil.]

pin-head staples Nadelstapel {pl}

surgical staple Wundklammer {f}; chirurgische Klammer {f} [med.]

surgical staples Wundklammern {pl}; chirurgische Klammern {pl}

rayon; rayon staple Zellwolle {f}

staple [listen] Hauptbestandteil {m}

inside shaft; underground shaft; blind shaft; monkey shaft; staple shaft; stapple; staple pit; blind pit; winze; chimney [listen] Blindschacht {m} [min.]

protein fibres; fibres derived from proteins; azlons Proteinfasern {pl}

protein staple fibres [Br.]; protein staple fibers [Am.] Proteinstapelfasern {pl}