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9 results for sledge
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sledge [listen] Hammer {m} [listen]

sledges Hämmer {pl}

sledge; toboggan; sled [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Kinderschlitten {m}; Schlitten {m}; Rodelschlitten {m}; Rodel {m}; Rodel {f} [Ös.] [listen]

sledges; toboggans; sleds Kinderschlitten {pl}; Schlitten {pl}; Rodelschlitten {pl}; Rodel {pl} [listen]

horn sledge; horn sled Hornschlitten [agr.]

rescue sledge [Br.]; rescue sled [Am.]; akia (alpinism, skiing) Rettungsschlitten; Ackja {m}; Akja {m} (Alpinismus, Skifahren)

to sledge; to sled [Am.] [listen] [listen] rodeln {vi} [sport]

sledging; sledding rodelnd

sledged; sledded gerodelt

sledge run; sled run [Am.]; toboggan run; luge run Rodelbahn {f} [sport]

sledge runs; sled runs; toboggan runs; luge runs Rodelbahnen {pl}

sledge ride; sledge-ride Rodelfahrt {f}

husky; sledge dog; sled dog [Am.] [listen] Schlittenhund {m}

huskies; sledge dogs; sled dogs Schlittenhunde {pl}

skid; ski; sledge runner [listen] Schlittenkufe {f}; Gleitkufe {f}; Schneekufe {f}; Kufe {f}

skids; skis; sledges; runners Schlittenkufen {pl}; Gleitkufen {pl}; Schneekufen {pl}; Kufen {pl}

gun carriage; gun mount Geschützlafette {f}; Lafette {f} [mil.]

gun carriages; gun mounts Geschützlafetten {pl}; Lafetten {pl}

slide carriage; sledge carriage; frame-type carriage Bocklafette {f}; Rahmenlafette {f}

carriage with elastic trail spade Federspornlafette {f}

shafts carriage Gabellafette {f}

pivot carriage Gelenklafette {f}

box-trail carriage Kastenlafette {f}

top carriage; upper carriage Oberlafette {f}

turntable carriage; pivot-type mount Pivotlafette {f}

wheel carriage; wheeled carriage Radlafette {f}; Räderlafette {f}

caterpillar ® carriage Raupenlafette {f}

tubular-trail carriage; tubular mount Röhrenlafette {f}

universal gun carriage Rundumlafette {f}

embrasure carriage Schartenlafette {f}

rapid loading carriage Schnellladelafette {f}

swivel gun mount; swivel mount; pedestal mount Schwenklafette {f}; Sockellafette {f}

self-propelled gun carriage; self-propelled mount Selbstfahrlafette {f}

special gun mount Sonderlafette {f}

split-trail spade carriage; split-trail carriage Spreizlafette {f}

telescope carriage; retractable gun mount Stauchlafette {f}

turret gun mount Turmlafette {f}

bottom carriage; lower carriage; undercarriage Unterlafette {f}

disappearing mount Verschwindlafette {f}

front half of carriage Vorderlafette {f}

cradle gun mount Wiegenlafette {f}

twin gun mount; twin mount Zwillingslafette {f}

hydropneumatic carriage hydropneumatische Lafette

stationary gun mount ortsfeste Lafette

fixed gun mount starre Lafette

hammer (tool) [listen] Werkzeughammer {m}; Hammer {m} [techn.] [listen]

hammers Werkzeughämmer {pl}; Hämmer {pl}

planing hammer (forge) Abrichthammer {m}; Pritschhammer {m} (Schmiede)

pounding hammer Anschlaghammer {m}; Anschlagfäustel {n} [min.]

miner's hammer; hammer for driving the bores Bohrfäustel {n} [min.] [hist.]

driving hammer Durchschlaghammer {m}; Durchschläger {m}

drop hammer (forge) Fallhammer {m}; Schabottehammer {m} (Schmiede)

prospecting pick hammer; prospecting pick Geologenhammer {m}

swage hammer; drop hammer (forge) Gesenkhammer {m} (Schmiede)

rubber mallet Gummihammer {m}; Schonhammer {m}

mallet Holzhammer {m}; Schlägel {m}; Schlegel {m}

wooden mallet kleiner Holzhammer {m}

maul; beetle; persuader [coll.] [listen] [listen] großer Holzhammer {m}

hydraulic hammer Hydraulikhammer {m}

engineer's cross peen hammer; engineer's hammer Ingenieurhammer {m}; englischer Schlosserhammer {m}

carpenter hammer; German-type (wooden) mallet Klopfholz {n}; Schlagholz {n}

cross-pane sledgehammer; fitter's hammer Kreuzschlaghammer {m};
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