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on a self-employed basis freiberuflich {adj}

self-employed selbstständig; freischaffend; freiberuflich {adj} [listen]

to become self-employed; to establish oneself as self-employed worker; to set up one's own business sich selbstständig/selbständig machen {vr} [econ.]

bookkeeper; book keeper Buchhalter {m}; Buchhalterin {f}

bookkeepers Buchhalter {pl}; Buchhalterinnen {pl}

commercial bookkeeper gewerblicher Buchhalter

self-employed bookkeeper selbständiger Buchhalter

withdrawal of profits; profit withdrawal Gewinnentnahme {f}; Privatentnahme {f}; Entnahme {f} [econ.] [fin.] [listen]

withdrawals from reserves Entnahmen aus Rücklagen

profit withdrawals by self-employed persons Privatentnahmen der Selbständigen

advance payment of taxes; advance tax payment; prepayment of taxes on estimate basis; tax prepayment; estimated-tax payment; estimated-tax installment Steuervorauszahlung {f} [fin.]

advance payments of taxes; advance tax payments; prepayments of taxes on estimate basis; tax prepayments; estimated-tax payments; estimated-tax installments Steuervorauszahlungen {pl}

payment on account [Br.] (for self-employed taxpayers) unterjährige Steuervorauszahlung (bei Selbständigen)