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repetition; rep [coll.]; reiteration [listen] Wiederholung {f} /Wdh.; Wdhlg./

repetitions; reiterations Wiederholungen {pl}

repetition work Automatenteile {pl} [techn.]

precision screw machine parts Automatenteile hoher Genauigkeit

repetition [listen] Repetition {f}

repetition thrower Seriendreher {m}

repetition rate Wiederholungsrate {m}

repetition compulsion (psychoanalysis) Wiederholungszwang {m} (Psychoanalyse) [psych.]

repetition rate Wiederholrate {f} [techn.]

music abbreviations; signs of repetition (sheet music) Abbreviaturen {pl}; musikalische Wiederholungszeichen {pl} (Musiknoten) [mus.]

call repetition Anrufwiederholung {f} [telco.]

pulse repetition rate /PRR/; pulse recurrence rate; pulse rate; pulse repetition frequency /PRF/; pulse recurrence frequency Impulsfolgefrequenz {f} /IFF/; Pulsfrequenz {f} [electr.]

subsequent offence; repetition of an offence Rückfall {m} [jur.]

subsequent offences; repetitions of an offence Rückfälle {pl}

tilde; sign of repetition Tilde {f}; Wiederholungszeichen {n} [comp.] [print]

tildes; signs of repetition Tilden {pl}; Wiederholungszeichen {pl}

word repetition Wortwiederholung {f} [ling.]

word repetitions Wortwiederholungen {pl}

umpteenth; umteenth; umptieth x-ter; x-te; x-tes; zigster; zigste; zigstes; soundsovielte/r/s (unliebsam hohe Zahl) {num}

the umptieth repetition of sth. die zigste Wiederholung von etw.

after the umpteenth playing of that song nachdem das Lied zum soundsovielten Mal gespielt wurde

That's the umpteenth time you've said that. Das ist jetzt das x-te Mal, dass du das sagst.

tautological; tautologic (rare); redundant [listen] zweimal dasselbe ausdrückend; doppelt gemoppelt [ugs.]; tautologisch [geh.] {adj} [ling.]

to be tautological; to be a tautology doppelt gemoppelt sein; eine Tautologie sein

That's a tautology/a redundant phrase/a useless repetition.; That's just saying the same thing twice.; That's just repeating yourself. Das ist doppelt gemoppelt.