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11 results for rabbits
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wild hares and rabbits Ballenwild {n} [zool.]

chinchilla rabbit Chinchillakaninchen {n} [zool.]

chinchilla rabbits Chinchillakaninchen {pl}

to hunt with ferrets; to ferret mit Frettchen jagen; frettieren {vi}

hunting with ferrets; ferreting mit Frettchen jagend; frettierend

hunted with ferrets; ferreted mit Frettchen gejagt; frettiert

to go ferreting for rabbits mit Frettchen auf Kaninchenjagd gehen

domestic rabbit; domesticated rabbit; pet rabbit; bunny rabbit [children's speech]; bunny [children's speech] [listen] Hauskaninchen {n}; Kaninchen {n}; Karnickel {n} [ugs.]; Stallhase {m} [ugs.] (Oryctolagus cuniculus forma domestica) [zool.] [listen]

domestic rabbits; domesticated rabbits; pet rabbit, coneys; bunny rabbits; bunnies Hauskaninchen {pl}; Kaninchen {pl}; Karnickel {pl}; Stallhasen {pl} [listen]

spotted rabbit Punktschecke {f}

to breed like rabbits sich wie die Karnickel vermehren

tan rabbit Lohkaninchen {n} [zool.]

tan rabbits Lohkaninchen {pl}

Easter Bunny; Easter Rabbit [Am.] Osterhase {m}

Easter Bunnies; Easter Rabbits Osterhasen {pl}

buck; buck rabbit [listen] Rammler {m}; Hasenbock {m} [zool.]

bucks; buck rabbits [listen] Rammler {pl}; Hasenböcke {pl}

rabbit; shuttle (at a nuclear research laboratory) [listen] [listen] Rohpostkapsel {f} (in einem Atomforschungslabor)

rabbits; shuttles Rohpostkapseln {pl}

virulence (of a pathogen) Virulenz {f}; Infektionskraft {f}; Pathogenitätsgrad {m} (eines Krankheitserregers) [biol.] [med.]

to attenuate a pathogen/vaccine by serial passage through rabbits; to lapinize a pathogen/vaccine die Virulenz eines Erregers/Impfstoffs durch Kaninchenpassage vermindern

European rabbit Wildkaninchen {n} (Oryctolagus cuniculus) [zool.]

European rabbits Wildkaninchen {pl}

pygmy rabbit Zwergkaninchen {n} [zool.]

pygmy rabbits Zwergkaninchen {pl}
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