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naked mole rat; sand puppy; desert mole rat Nacktmull {m}; Molratte {f} (Heterocephalus glaber) [zool.]

naked mole rats; sand puppies; desert mole rats Nacktmulle {pl}; Molratten {pl}

puppy; pup [listen] [listen] Welpe {m}

puppies; pups Welpen {pl}

to be orphaned; to become an orphan; to be left orphan verwaisen; zur Waise/zu Waisen werden {vi} [soc.]

being orphaned; becoming an orphan; being left orphan verwaisend; zur Waise/zu Waisen werdend

been orphaned; become an orphan; been left orphan verwaist; zur Waise/zu Waisen geworden

becomes an orphan verwaist

became an orphan verwaiste

orphaned puppies verwaiste Welpen

She was orphaned as a young girl in the war. Sie wurde als kleines Mädchen im Krieg zur Waise.

Hundreds of children were orphaned/left orphans by the disaster. Hunderte Kinder wurden durch die Katastrophe zu Waisen.