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protein; albuminous substance [listen] Eiweißstoff {m}; Eiweißkörper {m}; Eiweiß {n}; Protein {n} [biochem.]

chromoprotein Chromoprotein {n}

structural protein Gerüsteiweiß {n}; Strukturprotein {n}; Skleroprotein {n}

conjugated protein; proteid [old use] konjugiertes Protein; Proteid [frühere Bezeichnung]

mucoprotein Mucoprotein {n}

nucleoprotein Nukleoprotein {n}

recombination protein Rekombinationsprotein {n}

raw protein Rohprotein {n}

stress protein Stressprotein {n}

carrier protein Transportprotein {n}

virus protein Virusprotein {n}

protein domain Proteindomäne {f} [biochem.]

protein domains Proteindomänen {pl}

adapter domain Adapterdomäne {f}

protein requirement Eiweißbedarf {m}

protein content Eiweißgehalt {m}; Proteingehalt {m}

protein deficiency Eiweißmangel {m}

protein aggregate Proteinaggregat {n} [biochem.]

protein aggregates Proteinaggregate {pl}

protein purification Proteinaufreinigung {f} [biochem.]

protein folding Proteinfaltung {f} [biochem.]

protein fibres; fibres derived from proteins; azlons Proteinfasern {pl}

protein staple fibres [Br.]; protein staple fibers [Am.] Proteinstapelfasern {pl}

protein isolation Proteinisolierung {f} [biochem.]

protein base moulding compound Proteinkunststoff {m}

protein base moulding compounds Proteinkunststoffe {pl}

protein misfolding diseases; conformational diseases; proteopathies; proteinopathies Proteinfehlfaltungserkrankungen {pl}; Proteinfaltungserkrankungen {pl} [med.]

protein hormone; peptide hormone Proteohormon {n}; Peptidhormon {n} [biochem.]

protein hormones; peptide hormones Proteohormone {pl}; Peptidhormone {pl}

bacterial protein; bacterioprotein Bakterienprotein {n} [biol.]

desmoplakin (a protein) Desmoplakin {n} (ein Einweißstoff) [biochem.]

milk protein Milcheiweiß {n}

vegetable protein Pflanzeneiweiß {n} [biol.]

textured vegetable protein /TVP/ strukturiertes Pflanzeneiweiß

plasma protein Plasmaprotein {n} [med.]

proteide; proteid; conjugated protein Proteid {n} [biochem.]

proteides; proteids; conjugated proteins Proteide {pl}

protein-energy malnutrition /PEM/ Protein-Energie-Mangelernährung {f} [med.]

soya protein [Br.]; soy protein [Am.] Sojaeiweiß {n} [biochem.]

substrate protein Substratprotein {n} [biochem.]

titin; connectin (protein) Titin {n}; Connectin {n} (Protein) [biochem.]

viral capsid; capsid (protein shell enclosing the genetic material of viruses) Virenkapsid {n}; Kapsid {n}; Virencapsid {n}; Capsid {n} (Proteinhülle für das Erbmaterial bei Viren) [biochem.]

wheat protein Weizenprotein {n}

Western blot method; Western blot test; Western blotting; Western blot (protein blotting) Western-Transfer {m}; Western-Blot-Methode {f}; Western-Blotten {n} (Protein-Blotten) [biochem.]

low-protein; low in protein eiweißarm {adj}

low-protein diet eiweißarme Kost {f}

proteinaceous; protein ... eiweißhaltig; eiweißhältig [Ös.]; proteinhaltig; proteinhältig [Ös.] {adj} [biochem.]

high in protein stark eiweißhaltig; stark proteinhaltig

low-protein; poor in protein (postpositive) proteinarm {adj} [biochem.]

proteinogenous proteinogen; aus Protein entstanden/gebildet {adj} [biochem.]

proteinaceous proteinös {adj}

high-protein proteinreich {adj}

cell-free protein synthesis; in-vitro protein synthesis zellfreie Genexpression {f}; zellfreie Proteinsynthese {f}; In-vitro Genexpression {f} [biochem.]

ricin (toxic protein) Rizin {n}; Ricin {n} (toxischer Eiweißstoff) [biol.] [chem.]

ceruloplasmin; caeruloplasmin (a plasma protein) Caeruloplasmin {n}; Ceruloplasmin {n} (ein Plasmaprotein) [biol.]

restricted diet; slimming diet [Br.]; diet; dietary regime; slimming regime [Br.]; dietary regimen; dietary programme; slimming programme [Br.] [listen] Abmagerungskur {f}; Schlankheitskur {f}; Diät {f} [cook.]

restricted diets; slimming diets; diets; dietary regimes; slimming regimes; dietary regimens; dietary programmes; slimming programmes Abmagerungskuren {pl}; Schlankheitskuren {pl}; Diäten {pl}

starvation diet Hungerkur {f}

high protein diet proteinreiche Diät

crash diet Radikalkur {f}; Radikaldiät {f}

to be on a diet; to go on a diet; to diet eine Schlankheitskur machen

blot transfer; blotting; blot (of sth.) (proteomics) Blot-Transfer {m}; Blotten {n} (von etw.) (Proteomik) [biochem.]

the protein blot results die Ergebnisse des Protein-Transfers

blood levels; blood values; blood parameters Blutwerte {pl} [med.]

raised/increased/elevated blood levels of a substance erhöhte Blutwerte bei einem Stoff

lowered/decreased blood levels of a given protein erniedrigte Blutwerte bei einem bestimmten Protein

monitoring of blood values Überwachung der Blutwerte

wrong diet; false/defective nutrition; athrepsia [listen] Fehlernährung {f}; falsche Ernährung {f} [med.]

protein-calory malnutrition Protein-Kalorien-Fehlernährung {f}

to name (after) [listen] benennen (nach); mit einem Namen versehen {vt} [listen]

naming benennend

named [listen] benannt

he/she names er/sie benennt

I/he/she named [listen] ich/er/sie benannte

he/she has/had named er/sie hat/hatte benannt

named after ... benannt nach ...

The protein is part of the membrane from which it takes/derives its name. Das Protein ist Bestandteil der Membran, nach der es benannt ist.

recombinant neu kombiniert; rekombinant {adj} [biochem.]

recombinant DNA; rDNA rekombinante DNS

recombinant DNA technology rekombinante DNS-Technik

recombinant protein rekombinantes Protein

recombinant virus neu kombiniertes Virus