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prevention; prophylaxis [listen] Vorbeugung {f}; Prophylaxe {f} [med.]

antibiotic prophylasis Antibiotikaprophylaxe {f}

chemical prophylaxis; chemoprophylaxis; chemoprevention chemische Prophylaxe; Chemoprophylaxe {f}

disposition prophylaxis Dispositionsprophylaxe {f}

exposure prevention; exposure prophylaxis Expositionsvorbeugung {f}; Expositionsprophylaxe {f}

immune globulin prophylaxis Immunglobulinprophylaxe {f}

immunoprophylaxis Immunprophylaxe {f}

prevention by vaccination; prophylaxis by vaccination Impfprophylaxe {f}

prevention of an infection; prohylaxis of an infection; antiinfective measures Infektionsvorbeugung {f}; Infektionsprophylaxe {f}

complication prevention; complication prophylaxis Komplikationsprophylaxe {f}

post-exposure prevention; post-exposure prophylaxis /PEP/ Postexpositionsprophylaxe {f}; postexpositionelle Prophylaxe {f}

pre-exposure prevention; pre-exposure prophylaxis /PrEP/ Präexpositionsprophylaxe {f}; präexpositionelle Prophylaxe {f}

fluoride prophylaxis Fluorprophylaxe {f} [med.]

caries prophylaxis Kariesprophylaxe {f} [med.]

prophylaxis Präventivbehandlung {f} [med.]

seroprevention; seroprophylaxis; serum prophylaxis Seroprophylaxe {f} [med.]

thrombosis prophylaxis Thromboseprophylaxe {f} [med.]

rabies prophylaxis Tollwutvorbeugung {f}; Tollwutprophylaxe {f} [med.]

Pasteur's preventive treatment of rabies; medullotherapy Pasteur'sche Tollwutprophylaxe